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5:45 a.m. - 2001-09-14


To those of you who signed the message board, upset with my last entry, please...don't EVER come here and read my diary again.

That's all I ask.

Because right now, I am ONE PISSED OFF INDIVIDUAL, just like three-quarters of the people of America. And the days of being "politically correct" are over.

We are mad at these suicidal lunatics who killed THOUSANDS of our innocent people.

We are mad at the person who instilled in their ignorant minds that we are evil because we happen to bathe and we don't pray five times a day and that goes against their "religion".

You know what? I don't CARE that you people think I'm horrible because I can't wait for the day that I hear the news that the man behind the worst terrorist act in the history of the world is dead.

Here's a bombshell for you message board people...I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE DEAD. I never said that. You people stuffed those words into my mouth.

That means innocent Afghanistans. That means innocent women and children. And that means the young men and women in our military forces and military forces around the world.

The only people I want dead are the people behind this horrific act and the people that harbor them. Just like three-quarters of the rest of America.

How DARE you people suggest otherwise.

And after reading some of the other diaries out there, believe me people, I'm one of the kinder, gentler people here.

Here's how you save those innocent give them warning ... they have a week to pack up their stuff and get the hell out of the way. Because people in their country are hiding the evil that has tried to destroy our nation and guess what? We aren't going to take it lying down. This plan gives the women and children plenty of time to escape.

Shoot, if they were smart, they should have already been packing as soon as that first plane crashed into our symbol of freedom.

And let's face it...a week of advanced warning is a helluva lot better than the warning that the thousands of our people got as they fell 110 stories to their death.

War is inevitable, people. Maybe in France the horror that has struck our nation is just a fleeting moment on your evening news. But here, it's all any of us can think about. It's what we've been living the last three days.

War is here.

And it's not America's fault.

It's not Afghanistan's fault.

It's not even the evil Uncle F'n Bob's fault.

It's the most evil, vile, hateful person since Adolph Hitler's fault.

And this isn't going to be playing around...this is going to be devastating.

I'm a proud American. I have sat for the last three evenings and watched the devastation that this person has created. I have seen widows...young widows...crying because their husband, the father of their children is never coming home again.

He wasn't in a war. He was in an elevator. And for that...he died.

You people that want to condemn me because I'm angry along with the rest of my nation make me want to puke.

You're damned straight I'm angry now. There are six stages to the grieving process...Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, and Hope for the future.

...And I have a feeling I'm going to be angry for a while.

So please, do your pansy ass a favor and NEVER visit my site again. And if you do, keep your dumbass mouths shut about what I say here. Unlike other portions of the world, this still a free country. Diaryland is STILL a part of America. Andrew...just like ALL AMERICANS has opened the Diaryland doors to the world to enjoy.

Maybe Andrew's in Canada. I can never remember for sure. But dammit...WE'LL ACCEPT CANADA AS A PART OF AMERICA!!! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for those wacky Canucks anyway.

If you don't want to hear it ... don't read it. But don't you DARE condemn me for my thoughts.

I'm not a horrible person.

I'm just a proud American who's slowly being pushed to the limit by a bunch of terrorists who killed innocent people, INCLUDING CHILDREN.

How a man can get up from his airline seat, walk past a young child in its mother's arms and hijack a plane is beyond me. That man ...those men...they had no heart. They had no soul.

And if you want to take up for those my guest. But don't use my message board as your forum.

When this war resumes, innocent people are going to die. This is NOT my wish, it's not my PRESIDENT'S wish, it's not AMERICA'S wish.

It's just a cold, hard fact.

Your innocent people will die. Mine will die. And theirs will die.

Nothing will prevent that from happening. There will be casualties of war on all sides.

It's a war on terrorism. And hopefully, many years from now when the war finally ends and every evil terrorist is dead and buried, we can have a sigh of relief and hope that our children never have to live in fear of what happened to our country on September 11,2001 again.

How DARE you people try to make me feel bad for what I write on my own personal site.

Here's a suggestion...bite my ass.

Because this site is only going to get worse as time goes on.

And none of you can stop me.

The grieving is over.

And the madness has just begun.

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