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8:26 a.m. - 2002-09-11


Talk. Listen. Reach out. Go within. Settle in. Count your blessings. Share your love. Show your appreciation. Save for the future. Live in the present. Revel in the kindness of others. Pay back. Give. Forgive. Be a friend. Be a father. Be a mother. Lift others up. Share joy. Hold your tongue. Express your love. Live each day. Thank God. Welcome friends. Know your neighbors. Spread decency. Earn respect. Honor commitment. Correct wrongs. Do better. Know better. Be prudent. Be brave. Dream big. Open your mind. Open your heart. Sympathize. Empathize. Spread kindness. Sing. Dance. Make a difference. Make time. Join together. Give encouragement. Give guidance. Take guidance. Temper your words. Take time. Listen to your mother. Read a book. Know what matters. Travel. Share your experience. Experience sharing. Teach. Think. Do what's right. Share goodness. Set an example. Invite. Be kind to animals. Be kind to people. Make someone's day. Give compliments. Make your day. Compliment yourself. Make your own success. Show compassion. Learn how to measure success. Depend on others. Depend on yourself. Pay it forward. Trust others. Hug someone. Think positively. Thank someone. Wish someone well. Be honest. Be honest to yourself. Love your country. Be better. Love yourself. Serve your community. Cherish diversity. Lend a hand. Lend an ear. Be helpful. Be considerate. Admire. Hear both sides. Look both ways. Bridge the gap. Try to understand. Plan family time. Plant a tree. Enjoy nature. Enjoy life. Smile. Enlighten. Create. Share a memory. Share a dream. Talk with others. Love others. Explore. Whistle. Express yourself. Ask questions. Find answers. Hope. Tell a joke. Laugh with your whole heart. Share your opinion. Respect others' ideas. Open the minds of those around you. Nurture friendships. Communicate. Discover something new. Make a friend. Value difference. Remember. Say hello to a stranger. Speak your mind. Encourage a child. Be inspired. Tell a story. Comfort friends. Support your family. Educate. Hold hands. Be passionate. Show mercy. Accept love. Live freely. Practice. Play. Draw a picture. Take a picture. Inspire. Tickle a child. Feel. Listen to a song. Listen to a friend. Listen to your heart. Cheer. Learn. Grow. Share. Connect. Dance in the rain. Play catch. Make a sand castle. Bring joy to others. Look around. Experience. Enjoy the simple things. Savor a sunset. Care. Relate to a friend. Be humane. Be real. Fantasize. Commit to a cause. Commit to your family. Respond. Speak out. Celebrate. Gather with loved ones. Write a letter. Cherish life. Take a deep breath. Stretch your imagination. Find answers. Belong. Embrace your father. Hug your mother. Pretend. Be kind. Show affection. Face your fears. Be brave. Open up. Be a better you. Be thankful for what you have and compassionate for those who have not.

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