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5:06 a.m. - 2002-11-15


Before I forget ... yesterday, I asked everyone on my Notify List to check out a story that would just melt the coldest of hearts.


Because people on my Notify List ROOOOOOL!!!

(That's "rule" to those of you who can't figure such things out)

Anyway, today the rest of you get the chance to read what I think is one of the most uplifting stories I've ever read.

And I'll be damned if it didn't come from the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

And it doesn't even feature a hottie in a wet bikini.

Although...let's face it...the story would be even better if accompanied by a hottie in a wet bikini.

But please...take the time to read this quick story.

I swear to you, I've read it three times now and each time, tears well up in my eyes.

It's a classic.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it lately ... but I've temporarily stopped adding people to the Uncle Bob Army, due to space restraints.

I'll be adding more to it soon.

You should know when.


In the meantime, please don't email me asking to be added because those emails are just getting lost in the shuffle and then people are sending me emails, calling me a jerk and an asshole, which normally I wouldn't mind because...let's face it...that's pretty descriptive of me in the first place.

But in this instance, it's not my fault.

Bear with me. This will all change soon enough.

I know I'm probably too old to be admitting this ... but "South Park" is REALLY cracking my shit up here lately.

I liked the show at first and then kinda quit watching it for a while.

But the last few episodes had me laughing so hard, I seriously thought I'd have a heart attack if I didn't stop.

Kudos to the South Park guys.

Can you tell I don't have much to really talk about and am tired and can't get my funny bone tickled this morning?

This space was previously occupied by a lengthy rant that I felt pretty bad about posting and removed almost immediately. Sorry.

I got my hair cut last night.

I gave the girl a $16 tip on a $14 haircut.

Merry Christmas.

I'm no Elvis...handing out sports cars for tips ... but I think she appreciated it.

I don't know why I'm mentioning it here, other than the fact that yesterday was a pretty boring day.

A LOT of people at my workplace are getting sick.

...Sick of me acting like a dumbass!!!


No...seriously...they're really sick.

I hope I don't get it. Maybe that's selfish and all ... but I'm in bad enough shape without being all sick and shit.

So I'm trying to isolate myself from everyone as best as possible. Which isn't hard to do because very few people give me the time of day at work anyway.

I'm having lunch with the lovely former evil boss Wendigo today.

As always, I'm looking forward to that.

She may be evil, but she's a cool lunch partner.

We have what we call "Loser Lunches" because she's new at her job at the Chamber of Commerce and I've been at my job for a year and a half and nobody ever really asks us to go to lunch with them, except for Edweird and he doesn't count because we've known him almost ten years.

And sure...we could ask others to go to lunch with us, but when you're the low man on the totem pole, correct etiquette requires that you wait and be asked to go to lunch with others first. There's nothing more pathetic than a new person at the job going from office to office saying "Knock knock! Wanna grab a bite to eat with me? No? Okay ... thanks! Knock knock! Wanna grab a bite to eat with me? No? Okay ... thanks! Knock knock! Wanna grab a bite to eat with me? No? Okay ...thanks!"

So at least when we have lunch together, neither of us feels like losers.

Orrr...we feel like the two biggest losers at our jobs.

It really depends on the day, I guess.

That's it from me. I've got to go shower and take the boy to daycare today.

Have a good one.

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