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5:01 a.m. - 2003-03-21


Is it too early to stop caring about the war already?

Because I have CNN on in the background right now and it's the same old stuff and it's already become boring to me.

Once we capture Saddam, I might perk up a bit and go "Cool!"

But until then ... "Baghdad in flames" just doesn't hold the same appeal to me as "Saddam Captured, Life Goes Back To Normal".

Maybe I'm not concerned about the war because life on the homefront has gotten a bit interesting.

Remember I told you my wife was looking for a job and interviewed at a place?

And I think I told you that they offered her the job.

She would be making $4,000 more than she makes at her current job.

And working 50+ hours a week.

We sat down Wednesday night and juggled figures and realized that $4,000 more with the new job would be a paycut based on the extra hours.

So yesterday morning, she was going to call the guy and say "No thank you" and stay at the shitty job.

I told her to simply say "I appreciate the offer, but after looking at our budget and doing some math, $4,000 isn't enough money to switch jobs".

I told her the guy would then ask how much money it would take to get her to work there.

I then told her to make up an astronomical amount.

I told her to ask for $20,000 more than what she's making now per year.

Why not?

May as well give the guy a laugh as he hangs the phone up, right?


He offered her $18,000 more than what she's making now.

$18,000 more per year.

I dunno about where you are ... but down here in Alabama, that's a pretty hefty figure.

Sooooooo...guess who's switching jobs and turning in her resignation this morning?


She's ecstatic. Even after taxes, $18,000 more per year will cover our mortgage payments with money left over.

Now, money will no longer be a problem for at least a while.

The comforting thing is ... we've just entered a war.

And this company is so confident in themselves that they know they can pay my wife a decent lump sum of cash to come work for them.

She'll have to be at work an hour earlier each morning and work until about 9 p.m. each Wednesday.

But she will only have to be responsible for 160 employees rather than the 330 that she was previously responsible for allowing her to give each employee more time and effort.

She's thrilled and I'm thrilled for her and our family.

Now Andrew can go to college after all.

Her new boss assured her that she would not regret her decision.

She said that made her "shiver" when she heard him say that.

I think she's ready to work for someone who's a decent person.

Unlike the hellish boss she's been working with for the last few years.

Speaking of the hellish boss, she can't wait to see his face when she resigns.

This prick has nobody lined up or groomed to take her place and since he's such an insufferable jackass who works a total of three hours a day, he's never learned how to do her job.

He has to ask her how to print things off his computer. THAT'S how ignorant he is.

He's a wonderful ass kisser, finding out which asses he needs to kiss early on and then smothering them with smooches until his bosses wise up and can his ass.

He told Susie yesterday that she had to wipe her slate clean on Saturday April 5th and Sunday April 6th because the two of them (i.e. just her) were going to have to work all weekend on inputting everyone's new raises into the computer.

You know...the raise that found her getting a smaller raise than the four people she's trained that are under her.

She told him that she had prior engagements on the 5th (our yard sale and a S0uthern L1ving party) and he told her to "cancel them".


Today she goes in and tells him that her last day will be Thursday, April 3rd.

Looks like he'll be working all alone on that weekend, struggling to figure out what the hell to do without her guiding him by the hand.

She has to show him how to connect to the company's network every time he needs to get there because he can't retain the information and refuses to take notes on it.

He's computer illiterate.

And now, with her gone, his illiteracy is going to become quickly apparent to everyone in the company.


Go to Disco's page and read the letter that Michael Moore wrote to George Bush.

That letter says everything I want to say about this war. Plenty of good points, easy to read and it's even amusing.

Oh...and keep reading Disco for the next few days to scope out the interview he did with me about the war.

It's not anything earth shattering by any means. In fact I probably come off as a misinformed idiot in the interview.

But it was nice to be considered.

Hey...have a good weekend!

I may update again this weekend, but I wouldn't hedge any bets on it.

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