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5:04 a.m. - 2003-04-01



I alluded to something in yesterday's entry … I believe I called it a "bombshell" and that I would be able to share it with you sometime this week.

Today, I share it.

You ready??









…For the second time in three years, Uncle Bob is going to be a Daddy.

Yep. Little Andrew is going to be a big brother to a little brother or sister to be born around the end of September.

Susie and I are beside ourselves. Keep in mind … Andrew was a miracle baby, coming a full 12 years after we first started trying to have children.

When he was born, I was so excited that we had a perfectly healthy baby that I was happy right then with just one child. We decided that one little blessing in our family would be enough.

But as time has gone on, we have enjoyed watching him grow up so much that we started trying last fall after we moved into the new house.

Apparently a few months went by and blammo! My super spermies infiltrated the enemy egg and another child was born.

If it's a girl, there's no question … I want to name it Amanda Jane. That's always been my favorite name for a girl and plus, it sounds an awful lot like Andrew James.

If it's a boy, I dunno. I'm tapped for "A" names to go with "Andrew". I'm thinking along the lines of "Alexander" and calling him "Alex" or "Great" (for Alexander the Great).

All I know is that Andrew has taught me that I can be a great Daddy. I have sacrificed many things for the good of this child and asked for nothing in return. His smile is enough for me.

Now I'll have two smiles to greet me when I come in the door after a long day at work.

We've wanted to keep this quiet until the first trimester was over, which has been incredibly hard. Last time with Andrew, I told you guys right off the bat. I think I waited 2-3 days before blurting it out on this diary.

This time I did exceptionally well. Susie told me in mid- February and I've managed to keep it quiet for about six weeks, not even telling family and friends.

I'm sorry this entry is so disjointed, but I've got a million thoughts racing through my head and trying to get them all typed out properly isn't easy.

But the one thought that keeps racing through my mind the most is this …












…I'm getting better and better at April Fool's jokes!


I got you again! Hook, line and sinker!!

My God, you are soooo gullible.

Did you REALLY think we're stupid enough to get pregnant AGAIN so soon?!?

Christ, did you not READ my entry yesterday? Andrew's figured out how to crudely work the VCR, jamming tapes in all haphazardly!! Do you REALLY think I'm ready for ANOTHER kid while this one is on the verge of destroying my home?

Yeah, right!

Susie is just starting a new job, you imbecile! Do you think her new boss would be all "Oh sure…you've been here six months, go ahead and take three months off for maternity leave!"


Do you not even BOTHER to check the dates on these entries??



Seriously…it's getting easier and easier to fool you each year.

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