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6:06 a.m. - 2003-08-01


I'm staring at this white box this morning (TM Anenigma) and can't think of a single thing to write.

I went to a meeting yesterday ... kind of a roundtable discussion ... where I got verbally beat up pretty bad over my ineptitude to send emails correctly.

Now you know why I don't answer too many emails. I suck at doing it.

Y'see... I've got this huge long list of people that I email at work to inform them of upcoming meetings, blah blah.

And 2-4 people that should have been on it, weren't on it.

One of those people?

A person that was supposed to speak at this discussion.

For some reason, she was under the impression that the meeting was being held at a local church.

...As were the people from the church. Because they had went out and bought soft drinks, food and more for everyone.

So at 3:00, she calls my boss asking where everyone is.

My boss says "We're all at the meeting, where are you?

She says "I'm at a church downtown."

My boss says "I'm killing Uncle Bob".

...Not in so many words. Her glare at me actually conveyed that message.

So I felt like crap for most of the meeting.

Then some other woman who I've heard is a real b-i-t-c-h spoke up and said she never received an email from me about this meeting either and that she never receives them from me.

Another glare from my boss.


So it should be an interesting day today.

Then at 3 p.m., I'm scheduled to escort several Korean journalists around town.

I was thinking about taking them to a local pet store for lunch.

Get it??

Koreans eat pets!!!


It's official.

I can no longer curse around Andrew.

A few weeks ago, he learned "shit" from his mother.

He hasn't said it since and neither have we.

Last night, I'm telling Susie about the bitch at the meeting yesterday who told the whole room that I'm an email slacker, blah blah.

"There's this one bitch..." I say.

Andrew says "Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch."

Susie glares at me.


Enough with the glaring, people!!!

I swear...they're gonna glare a hole through me if they keep it up!

Try explaining THAT to an Emergency Room doctor!

Walked up to my boy Mattie Gee's house last night which took all of 17 seconds.

His band, the wildly popular Spicolis are about to enter the studio this month and he had their demo disc ready for me to hear.

I wasn't expecting much. I really wasn't. They're good and all ... but we're talking demos. Demos usually sound pretty crappy.

I was blown away. Bullll-own the fizzuck away.

They've come up with some mighty catchy power-pop songs that can best be compared to Blink 182 or Green Day.

I sat there, kinda speechless.

I've known Mattie Gee for ten years and he's been in some pretty shitty bands in the past that played music that the musicians liked and the audiences hated. be honest, I have no idea if the audiences hated the songs or not because THERE WERE NO AUDIENCES.

But hey ... this band is different.

These guys are kicking ass and taking names.

There's a very good chance that you may be hearing a lot more about the Spicolis and when you do, you can say "Dammit Uncle Bob...we get it. You like the band. Shut up already."

Mattie Gee burned me a disc of the songs as long as I promised not to put them out on KaZaa.


I was going to shake my fist at him and spit like an Iraqi peasant, but decided against it know...he gave me a free CD.

But when they have the finished product in a month or so, he can kiss my ass. I'm putting it on KaZaa.

'Cause you guys need to hear these songs.

Trust me.

Wouldn't it be weird if I got busted by the RIAA for putting my buddy's songs on the internet?


I have to chortle over that one!

BIG BURLY PRISONER: "What are you in for, fishie?"

ME: "Oh you know...the usual. Sharing my friend's songs on the web. I'm a hard-ass."

BBP: "Looks pretty soft to me. Take your pants down and clench your sheets tightly."

ME: (gulp) "Mommy?"

That's it.

Hey...remember...I'm gone all next week on my trip to Georgia.

So no updates.

But I should have plenty of juicy news when I get back.

Key word being "should".

Adios, muchachos.

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