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3:59 p.m. - 2003-08-08


I'm back from my weeklong marketing college excursion.

Remember when I said something like "I'm dreading going to this stinking craphole of an excuse for a marketing college" or words to that effect?

Did I ever mention that?

It's been so long since I wrote in here, I forgot if I told you guys how much I was dreading it.

Anyway, I was dreading it.

And not just the shower situation either.

But ya know what?

I had the absolute best time I've had in years, babe.


Don't have time to go into all the details since I had two and a half hours of sleep last night after drinking 15 beers in a karaoke bar and singing my lungs out.


So anyway, it was a week of zero responsibilities other than show up for class at 8 a.m.

Everyone acted like college students.

There were six women for every guy there.

I f'n LOVE this industry based on that fact alone. A dweeb like myself can look like a stud in situations such as these.

Every single night, I went out on the town with at least three women and a total of 10 on Wednesday night.

All of them drop dead gorgeous.

And sadly ... all of them as happily married as myself.

But man oh man...if I was ten years younger and single...

...and handsome ...

...and in good shape ...

...and had a somewhat decent personality that didn't border on psychotic ...

There could have been some beautiful music made up in the mountains of Georgia.

Yessirree Bobbo.

I hated leaving campus today.


I guess it's been 20 years or so since I got tanked every night with tables full of beautiful, interesting and fun women.

But hey ... I'm home now.

I'm back to a world of responsibilities.

I'm a married man with a beautiful son.

Life is good.



Somebody please tell me I'm right.

(P.S. They had shower stalls ... not a community shower room, so I've still got my butt cherry in case you were wondering.)

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