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7:21 a.m. - 2003-08-10


Stolen from Bitch Slap 69 who stole it from warped-one, who stole it from so-charming:

) Last dream: I dreamt my son Andrew could speak plain as day and was telling me he invented Grape Nuts.

2) Last car ride: Came back from a Riverfest.

3) Last kiss: Last night from the Mrs.

4) Last good cry: I can't remember. I get choked up and teary-eyed on occasion, but can't remember a good cry.

5) Last Missing Library Book: In the third grade I lost a book on Bats and snuck in to the school library and tore up the index card that said I had checked it out. I was a devious little shit. Anyway, someone found the book in the town park and turned it in to the school. I think the teachers kept a better eye on me from that point on.

6) Last movie seen: Christ. "Monsters, Inc." That's all we watch in this house anymore. We went to "The Jungle Book 2" in the theater a while back.

7) Last Book Read: I just finished "Bobby The Brain", an autobiography of legendary wrestling manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. A total waste of $20.

8) Last curse word uttered: I think it was "bitch".

9) Last beverage drank: Diet Dr. Pepper.

10) Last food consumed: Peanut Lovers Chex Mix.

11) Last crush: A girl at marketing college last week. No names though.

12) Last phone call: My boy Edweird.

13) Last TV show watched: Last Comic Standing. Go Dat Phan, Go Dat Phan, GO!!

14) Last Item Bought: McDonald's Happy Meal.

15) Last time showered: Yesterday morning.

16) Last shoes worn: My tennis shoes.

17) Last CD played: A mix CD I made yesterday ... The Greatest Karaoke Songs From Marketing College. Yes, I'm still hung up on the good times had last week.

18) Last MP3 Downloaded: "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf.

19) Last annoyance: Finding out the hard way that my son can now run faster than me as he barreled across a wooden bridge and kept poking his head through the wide slats at the ground 50 feet below as I screamed "ANDREW STOP!!" in front of several hundred people.

20) Last disappointment: Saying goodbye to my new friends from Marketing College and not being able to track down one particular friend for the last goodbye.

21) Last soda drank: Diet Dr Pepper

22) Last thing written: Diet Dr Pepper

23) Last key used: The "Enter" Key. Before that, my car key.

24) Last phrase spoken: "Good night".

25) Last trip to the bathroom: An hour ago for my morning pee.

26) Last sleep: Woke up an hour ago from a nine hour sleep...something extremely rare for me. Still getting caught up on rest from my week-long excursion to (say it with me) Marketing College.

27) Last IM: About two weeks ago with Wendigo who is the only person I IM with.

28) Last sexual fantasy: Me, two midgets, a bottle of Jack Daniels and an old feather pillow.

29) Last orgasm: No comment.

30) Last weird encounter: Saw a young child yesterday who was missing the bottom half of his body. Not just the legs...but the torso and everything. Not so much weird as sad.

31) Last Store Shopped at: A liquor store outside Dahlonega, GA. I have no idea what the name of the store was, but I'm guessing "Liqour".

32) Last ice cream eaten: Vanilla on top of some strawberry shortcake.

33) Last time amused: Watching Andrew fake laugh at Monsters, Inc.and then look at me to see if his laugh could make me laugh.

34) Last time wanting to die: I don't want to die and don't even think about it. But I wanted to crawl under a table Friday morning when I was reminded of some of the debauchery I was engaged in on Thursday night.

35) Last time in love: I'm always in love.

36) Last time hugged: Last night.

37) Last time scolded: Thursday night for throwing an empty beer bottle carelessly in a graveyard.

38) Last time resentful: I sincerely don't know.

39) Last chair sat in: The chair I'm in right now typing this. It's a leather chair...very comfy.

40) Last lipstick used: I actually used a girl's lip balm this past week because she encouraged me to try it in class. Left my lips all waxy-feeling.

41) Last underwear worn: Flannel plaid boxers.

42) Last bra worn: On my honeymoon in 1988. I put my wife's bra on my head as she snapped a photo.

43) Last shirt worn: Wearing a red tank top now. Yeah...I look classy.

44) Last class attended: Efficiently managing your employees.

45) Last Final taken: I don't remember.

46) Last time dancing: Thursday night. I don't remember who got the last dance though.

47) Last poster looked at: A Riverfest poster which is where we went yesterday and I'll write about tomorrow.

48) Last show attended: I guess Springsteen.

49) Last webpage visited:

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