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1:40 p.m. - 2003-12-07


Before I begin this photo essay, let me just say that the pictures today may shock you, appall you and make you crave a Slushee.

While Old Mother Winter has blanketed most of the country with a thick afghan of snow, she didn't forget about us in Sweet Home Alabama.

Nay ... she wreaked havoc here as well.

Thus ... I present to you the results of the Great Frost Storm of 2003!!

As you can surmise, the frost has caused major innages around our city. Its thin layer on the ground still thrives where the sun has yet to shine. Its weight knocked one of the lights that I have illuminating my sidewalk a little crooked. The third one from the driveway on the left. I was terrified when I first saw it this morning. After several Diet Dr. Peppers, I have calmed down considerably.

The frost knows no boundaries when it comes to cruel torture. Several of the flowers in the flower pot on our front porch ... dead. The culprit? Frost, baby. Frost.

Its reign of terror wasn't just felt outdoors. On the contrary. Inside, the frost willed several Christmas ornaments to jump off of our tree and throw themselves back in their respective boxes to our horror. It also contorted this photo. Damn you frost! Leave my digital camera aloooooone!!!

A thin layer of frost rests atop my house, threatening to crush through my ceiling and turn the inside of my home into a literal Winter Wonderland. I've spent most of the morning, staring at the ceiling in my bedroom with my rifle in my hand, waiting for the first bits of plaster to tumble to the floor. When that happens ... *BLAMMO!!* Eat lead, frost.

The bitch that has been named "Frost Storm 2003" even touched my son's life, tipping over one of his old riding toys in the backyard. I wish I could say it stopped there, but I can't because I bit my tongue earlier while eating a delicious chili dog. But as you can see, the evil frost went inside my garage, pulled the vacuum tube that attaches to the hose for my wet-dry vac and sent it flying into the yard. Either that or I left it there from last weekend. We'll blame it on the frost for now.

As you stare out the window of my office towards my car, you can see the devastating layer of frost that was left on my car windows ... yet Mattie Gee's band van doesn't have any frost on it at all. Could Mother Nature actually pull off a frost storm that's reminiscent of a tornado where one house gets a ton of frost while the other one isn't even touched?

I doubt it.

I think Mattie Gee's band played until the wee hours of the morning last night and he probably scraped the frost off his windows before driving home at 5 a.m.

But still.

It's enough to make you wonder, huh?

In other news ... I upgraded my Diaryland Gold Membership to Super Gold Membership which means I can post a shitload more photos on the site than I have in the past.

You know.

In case you couldn't tell already.

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