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5:44 a.m. - 2004-01-15


I'm deleriously tired.

Deejayed again last night. Same nightclub. Same stale smokey smell in my hair this morning.

One weird thing happened last night.

A table of women came in to the club early in the evening. It was one of the women's birthday and she had turned the big 4-0.

So they're drinking and dancing with each other and all that crap and this one fairly attractive woman from the table comes up to the deejay booth.

"Do you have Brown Eyed Girl?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "I can play it next."

"Do you WANT a Brown Eyed Girl?" she then asked, batting her eyelashes that surrounded her brown eyes.

Me, being the super jungle stud man that I am, responded with "Huh?"

Yes ... I'm the savior of the universe ... Captain Clueless.

"Are you married?" she asked, ignoring the gold band on my ring finger.

"Ummmm...yeah," I answered, riffling through my CD case and suddenly developing a severe case of autistic-like behavior where I avoided eye contact and kept my hands busy.

"All of the good ones are," she said, smiled and walked away.

I exhaled as she left, put on "Brown Eyed Girl" and waved at her when she waved at me and mouthed the word "Thanks" while she danced with her friends.

Had I not been married last night, I feel confident that I would have woken up this morning on the wet spot.

Is it worth kicking myself over?

Oh hell no.

I'll take marriage and everything that comes with it over an orgasm with a hot chick anyday.


I TOLD you I was deleriously tired.

Happy anniversary to me.

Thank y'all for the e-cards you sent me yesterday. They were much appreciated.

Apparently, in Diaryland, the proper gift to give on your 4th anniversary is e-cards.

I hear the 5th anniversary's gift is cash.

Start saving now, kiddies.

I've really been stretching myself thin lately and am beginning to wonder if I'm headed toward a mental breakdown.

I have a full time job.

I freelance on the side.

I'm about to invest heavily into my own small business.

I've made commitments to a lot of people to help them with various projects.

I've got my own projects that I'm working on.

I've got very pressing deadlines at work.

And I'm supposed to be a full-time husband and father.

There's simply not enough time in my life to get all of this done.

I'm going to the doctor Tuesday morning for the annual Finger Up The Ass ceremony that he apparently loves to do.

I'm in the worst shape of my life because I had no idea that the older you got the harder it was to get back into shape.

All my life I've let myself get out of shape and then worked back towards getting in shape which required little effort on my part.

These days, I can walk a mile a day and not lose any weight whereas five years ago I'd lose a few pounds a week.

Maybe the doc'll slide me a few happy pills if I bitch long enough.

I could definitely use some happy pills right about now.

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