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6:36 a.m. - 2004-01-29


I made a huge mistake the other day.

I let Andrew watch the Teletubbies.

I'm not sure if he's ever seen these freaks before, but it was the first thing to bring a smile to his face since he developed this rotovirus so I let him watch it.

Plus, I was too weak to get up and find the remote control to change the channel.

Anyway, the Teletubbies skeeved my ass out good.

I just felt as if I was under some numbing mind control mumbo jumbo as they danced across the screen.

But what freaked me out the most was the evil laughing baby sun thing.

Holy shit that thing is scary.

It just looms over the Teletubbies all day long, staring down at them and giggling this maniacal giggle. And nobody bothers to explain why there's this huge baby head in the sun. It's just ... there.

Every time it came on, I pulled the blanket over my face until it went away.

Andrew laughed along with it every time.

I think it was sending evil baby messages to him telepathically.

"Kill your daddy" kinda shit.

I'm keeping my eye on that little bastard for the next few days.

If he starts wanting to innocently play with the butcher knives, I'm calling the cops.

I'm really hoping this fever goes away today.

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