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6:30 a.m. - 2004-02-10


First off ... thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. I've always said that you guys kick total ass and while the Army may be defunct as far as actually showing up on this page, it still lives on stronger than ever.

So thank you.

Second ... (hopefully) losing my job will be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I've had approximately 20 jobs throughout the last 26 years.

I've only been fired one other time. That was from a deejay gig where the club just wasn't making enough money to justify paying me my inflated salary which had me as the highest paid club deejay in the city.

Did this firing come as a shock?

No. Not at all. I practically knew it was coming.

Bottom line ... I was in a marketing position and I was a HORRIBLE marketing person.

Had there been some sort of guidance for me, I probably could have done a better job.

But I stepped into a job that was left in shambles by the previous employee and never really got out of the hole she left behind.

When I took the job, my boss knew that I had a background in writing and not marketing. This is what she wanted ... a writer. Because my primary job was to get a website up and running.

I did that. The website went live over the weekend.

My target date to finish the website was February 15.

I finished all the last minute bells and whistles on February 9.

The same day I was fired.

I'm not complaining really.

They gave me a nice severance package.

I have insurance until April 1st.

And I leave with no hard feelings. I hated the job. I loved the people there, but I knew in my heart that this job wasn't for me.

I have a few irons in the fire, so to speak. I want to get back into the newspaper business and as luck would have it, an old friend/co-worker just took over as the general manager of a newspaper here and is looking for writers and editors. We spoke yesterday and I sent her my resume as a courtesy.

I'm seriously debating on what to do.

Plan A would include working for my old friend as an editor and making a lot more money than I was making at the last job.

Plan B would entail living a slacker's life.

I would put a lot of effort into making my deejay business a success. I've put over $2,000 into the business and really need to get it off the ground and running.

While I'm doing that, I would pick up some freelance writing gigs. My bestest buddy Wendigo has used her connections to get me in touch with some people that need local writers.

And to make ends meet and just for fun, I'd take a no-pressure part-time job doing something medial.


I'd love to make pizzas.

I know that sounds stupid. How can I go from writing books to making pizzas in a year and be happy?

I dunno. Call it a mid-life crisis.

I just want a part-time job ... 3-4 days a week ... so that the rest of the time I could be out getting business for my deejay gigs and writing freelance stuff.

Then, if I were to lose a job making pizzas or need to quit or something ... boom! I'm gone. Find another pizza maker, dude.

I guess I'm tired of working for da man and not getting any sort of thanks for it other than a paycheck. Which is enough I guess ... but I'm contributing to the success of a company and not made to feel like a part of the company.

I dunno.

What I do know is I'm thankful for the cushion of a severance pay that allows me the comfort of finding a job and a career path that I want, rather than having to just jump into the first thing that comes along.

I will get my last paycheck a month from today.

So I have a month to discover what exactly I want to do with my life.

No pressure there, huh?

So yesterday, on the first day of this new journey, I basically fucked the fuck off.

I worked a bit on my Surreal Life recap.

I got my resume up to date with the help of Wendigo.

I went and visited with the bride whose wedding I'm deejaying this weekend and made her feel comfortable about hiring me.

I stopped by the music store to check on my deejay equipment which will be here on Wednesday (yay!).

I sent my resume to my old friend.

I talked with several friends.

I vacuumed.

I cooked some delicious beef stroganoff.

I watched part of the "Today" Show and realized within the first few minutes that when it all comes right down to it ... I don't give two flying fucks where in the world Matt Lauer may be.

That's about it.


More of the same.

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