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9:07 a.m. - 2004-03-06


Here's a rock and roll cliche that never really gets mentioned but tends to get on my nerves.

I HATE it when a band is playing a song and one of the guys walks over to another guy and says something in his ear and the other guy LAUGHS AND LAUGHS like Chris Rock is doing a monologue in his head.

And then they get all smug like "We just shared a private joke that you, the audience, will never know anything about because we're special and we're musicians and we're playing in this smoky half-filled bar on a rainy Friday night and we're Gods and you should worship us because every single private joke we share is HILARIOUS, motherfuckers."


Well in MY book, you're an obnoxious computer geek by day, half-assed guitarist at night who can't even play the guitar riff to "Brown Eyed Girl" correctly, you chunky pricksucker.

How obvious is it that I'm a bit testy when I'm running on two and a half hours sleep?

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