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6:21 a.m. - 2004-04-30


I think I'm going to have to fire one of my deejays.

The worst part is ... she's got a horrible attitude because I have taken her job.

She had the position of top DJ for all of two weeks. She was making the good money and living the life of Riley for two whole weeks.

Her first week, she called in sick on a Friday night and the club had to go without a DJ for the night.

The second week she was an hour late on Thursday night.

This is why I have the job now and she doesn't.

Granted, in the real world, neither of these instances aren't that big a deal. But we're dealing with the military lifestyle here and things like this aren't very well received by people that live a very structured lifestyle.

So I went to pay her a visit last night to pick up some of the paperwork that I needed and that she had.

She had an attitude from hell.

She basically shoved the paperwork into my chest as I stood there talking to one of the bartenders.

Then when I went to the DJ booth to just shoot the shit with her and let her know I'm basically a nice guy that isn't looking to fire her, she copped a huge attitude.

She stood there with her arms folded across her chest ... which is an act of defiance in body language.

She never once smiled.

She said she was still pissed about this whole situation. She's not pissed with me, but she's pissed with my boss and the company that we work for.

Now personally, I love my boss. He's awesome. And I have no problems with the company. They're very strict even though they're in the business of providing fun. But they've been providing fun for 24 years and obviously know what they're doing and if you don't follow their rules ... like showing up on time or calling to let them know you won't be to work on time ... then they get a bit pissed.

I'm going to give her another week or so to get over this pissiness. Because I truly believe she's a good woman and would probably do a decent job if she were in a good mood.

But if she doesn't shape up in the next week?

I'm giving her a swift elbow to the eye and kicking her ass out the door.

I added it up yesterday and I've got seven sources of income right now.

That was kind of my goal after I got let go from my last job. Have a few different sources of income so that I wouldn't get bored or have to work for anyone full time.

I break it down like this:

1) My temp work ... which I hate and it pays the least amount of money. But it's also the one that I spend the most time with.

2) DJ #1 ... that's the job I've had for the last two months for the club that's doing very little business. I imagine they're going to be closing their doors soon. In fact I was told last night there would be an employee meeting next Wednesday night. That doesn't smell good.

3) DJ Job #2 ... that's the military DJ job. I like that one because I make good money when I go to work and decent money when I sit at home and let the other DJs work.

4) Freelance writing ... my first story is due today for that. If I don't get it finished by 5 p.m., I can pretty much kiss that gig goodbye.

5) My own DJ business ... pays the best out of all the jobs but is sporadic at best right now as I'm still getting it off the ground. May will be a good month for me and I've got gigs lined up for June and July as well.

6) This whole book deal thing that you can order over there on the side of this page. I'm getting decent royalties off of that ... we just need to sell more books right now.

7) And ... ummmmm ... some credit card thing that my new boss is hooking me up with. The way I understand it, I go to businesses and persuade them to use credit card swiping things and then I get a percentage of the amount of credit cards they swipe. I'm really kinda lost as to what it actually is and I haven't made a penny off of it yet. But I have to call the guy today and get the info on it. My boss does it on the side and said he makes about $1,200 a month from 10 businesses that he signed up. He doesn't have to do a thing, he just gets the percentage from the machines.

Anyway, I'm thinking about quitting the temp job. I took two days off this week ... one to tend to my other job and meet my new boss and the other because it was raining and I didn't feel like working.

My agency called me yesterday and left a message saying that the business I'm working for wasn't happy about that and that it wasn't fair that I was getting all this time off while the others had to work a full week?

Oh really?

Well ... tell ya what, Ms. Business Lady ...

Howsa 'bout I just quit this shit because I'm too busy with other jobs that actually provide paychecks for me that are worth a crap and that don't find me getting hung up on by rude mechanics and small business owners all goddamned day?


You like that, Ms. Business Lady???


I obviously misunderstood this whole "temp" thing.

I thought "temp" meant "work at a temporary job that doesn't require 100%".

Anyway, I'm thinking of calling my agency and asking to be cut back to 2-3 days a week of temp work.

If they say no, I'm going to tell them to not just bite, but to EAT my ass.


Chow down, temp agency.

Eat that ass.

Eat it good.

Eat it like your mama would.

On the plus side of life ... I think I got one of my telemarketing buddies a job with my wife's company.

He's a great guy that's been dealt a particularly bad hand in life. He was a school teacher who was laid off when our state decided that rather than dedicate money toward our education system, they'd put it towards ... hell ... I dunno ... NASCAR or some shit.

Susie's going to offer him a management position today which would pay him more than a school teacher's salary.

So good for him.

That's it ... just had to wrestle the kid to the ground to get him dressed for daycare and he's not exactly thrilled with Daddy right now, so I'd better go.

Have a great weekend.

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