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7:18 a.m. - 2004-08-04


So last week while we're driving around Knoxville, Tennessee, Susie's blabbin' about how much she likes the city.

"Everything's so nice," she blabs. "Blab, blab, blab, blab, blab."

"Yes," I agree. "While I lived here 20 years ago, I was in a perpetual drug-induced haze for most of my residency and am only now appreciating the city and its surroundings for all of its natural beauty."

Long story short, we're taking big steps to moving there.

A year or so ago, Susie had went to Find Your Spot which is a test that you take to determine the best places in the country for you to live.

She went back to check her results and number TWO was Knoxville.

(Number one was Greenville, South Carolina. We're not moving there.)

Susie started looking for jobs in her field in Knoxville, found a slew of them and sent off her resume on Monday to a few of them.

Our game plan is to stay here for another year or two at the longest before moving.

But she says she'll move tomorrow if the right job comes open.

The public school system there is ten times better than what we have here.

The prices of homes are incredibly lower. We can get a bigger home than what we have now with a pool, hot tub and a mountain view for about $50,000 less than what we paid for our current home.

And the cost of living is way lower than where we're at now.

So the shocking revelation is that we're probably going to uproot and move back to my old stomping grounds.

Or "staggering" grounds if you need to be specific.

Keep in mind, my wife is full of good intentions but only follows up on a small percentage of them.

So we may never move.

I'm letting her call the shots on this one.

She's the one making the most money in the relationship at this stage.

And truth be told, she's always made more money than me.

Except during her maternity leave.

At that point I was kicking ASS over her paycheck!


So we get home and let's face it ... I was depressed for a number of reasons.

Chief among those ... my work situation.

Before we left for our vacation, I was told that the club I was working in was only going to need me two nights out of the week because business is so bad.


So I'm working an average of 8-10 hours a week.

Luckily I had a series of parties that I did the past few weeks that saved my butt and put money in the bank.

But I had to find a job.

And quickly.

I sent out a bunch of resumes to people over the internet and got responses back.

"We'd love to have you join our team!" one email said.

"Well, I'd love to be on your team!" I lied to the email.

"Great! Just send us $400 and we'll let you be on our team!" the email continued.

"Oh, sorry email. I'm looking for a JOB ... not to send hundreds of dollars to someone who's going to give me the secrets about how to get rich quick, you fucking asshole email fucker."

The most promising lead I had is a company that wants to hire me as a sales person for their service which is to take care of bad checks for businesses. I never heard back from the woman once I agreed to an interview.

Yet ... THAT was the most promising thing I've had going for me.

Until the phone call.

A buddy of mine that I hadn't seen much recently called me last Friday.

"What're you doing these days?" he said.

"Trying to find a job," I replied.

"Let's meet for breakfast tomorrow," he said.

"Okey dokey," I replied.

Long story short, my buddy's an entrepreneur. He owns a fairly successful furniture store here in town and recently expanded into a bigger store.

And he's bought two franchises of other businesses without telling me.

He wanted me to work for his home security system business that he recently purchased.

My job is to go out and drum up business for it.

He doesn't want a sleazy "hard-sell" salesman. He just wants me to visit businesses and home owners and let them know that this franchise is now in the mix and that we offer very competitive prices to the other home security systems.


I'll do it.

But wait ... there's more.

Not only am I the company's salesman ... I am a full fledged partner in the business.

My buddy bought the franchise. It's paid for.

And he wants me to run it.

So the last few days have been intense training on everything from the sales pitch and the types of systems we sell to actually wiring a new house for cable, phone, internet and home theater.

After yesterday, I can proudly say that I have installed a home theater system in a house.

Well ... not exactly "proudly". My buddy showed me how to do it and I fished some wires through the wall and connected them to the system.

But still.

He's having his lawyer draw up the paperwork that will make me a partner in the business with me contributing NO money.

And while this is something I never even thought about doing, it's not so bad.

Except the temperature was 98 degrees yesterday while we installed this system.

And today it gets up to 99 degrees.

But it's MY business.

Well ... OUR business.

And yes, we have an independent contractor who would normally install this stuff for us.

But we pocket his salary every time we do it ourselves.

And he's got other jobs to do anyway.

AAAAAND ... the hours are mucho flexible, we currently work out of our homes and the back of his furniture store and we answer to NO BOSS.

Except the customer.

And while I'm still jazzed about moving to the mountains of Tennessee someday, I'm now gathering experience that can only help me when we make that move.

Because it's much cooler in Knoxville than it is here and installing stuff won't be nearly as draining a job there.

I'm not exactly sure how to end this entry except to say


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