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8:03 a.m. - 2004-09-09

BAD IDEA #4,215

I had this dream last night.

Bear with me, I'll keep it short.

I was getting my hair cut by a hot naked woman.

She ended up really fucking up my hair and putting little colored lights all through my hair that made me look like a fat Christmas tree and writing the words "Take Me Home" in mascara on my face ... but that's not important.

What IS important is I think a chain of salons where the hairdressers are completely naked would work.

It'd be kinda like going to a gentleman's club, but you get this hot naked babe cutting your hair and pressing her boobs against the back of your head for no apparent reason.

I'd pay $30 for that.

Now I've just gotta find some hot babes that can cut hair and will do so naked and I'm the next Hugh Trump.

The ideas never stop flowin' outta this noggin, baby.

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