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5:46 a.m. - 2004-09-16



Johnny Ramone is dead.

Why did he deny he was sick a few months back?


My Ramones are dead.

People ... the Ramones are STILL played in my house/car/club on a weekly basis.

Andrew LOVES the Ramones. He dances to every song and sings along to "Blitzkrieg Bop".

I'm sad.

Naturally ... in my head I'm going to blame Johnny's death on Hurricane Ivan.


Speaking of Ivan ... we still have power here!

They're saying it won't be for long on the TV.

The rain is blowing against the windows and we've received about 3 inches of rain overnight.

They're saying the hurricane is weakening a bit but that we're still going to see "very strong damaging winds" all day today.

We hung out last night in the driveway with about six families from the neighborhood, all revealing what we have plenty of ... you know... batteries, water, ice, porno, etc.


The window behind me just bent in a bit.


Lemme seeeee ... what else ...

Susie is scheduled to work today which is just fucking insane.

Her new manager at Lowe's says that all managers need to report to work today ... with 80mph winds outside, authorities telling everyone to stay off the streets, power lines and trees down, streets flooded and the worst is yet to come.

Even Walmart, McDonalds and the post office are closed today.

Not fucking Lowe's. Somebody might need a can of paint or some potting soil during the hurricane.

I'm pissed with her manager and have told her she cannot go to work.

She's scared she's going to lose her job if she doesn't risk her life to go sit in an office and do paperwork while a hurricane dances around her and no customers show up.

The majority of the public is under the assumption that all retail stores are closed today and probably tomorrow.

This new manager of hers is a workaholic ... putting in up to 80 hours a week there.

He had a managers meeting yesterday and told them that "now more than ever" they have to pull together as a team and everyone needs to show up today.

I call that "involuntary manslaughter".

Because it's very possible somebody may be blown off the road and killed while facing winds that are coming faster than they're going.

And when it's revealed that person died because their manager purposefully put their life in danger in order to open a store with no customers ... have fun in prison, you fuck.

I'm just pissed because Susie's scared she's going to lose her job due to this asshole's ignorance.



Now they're saying the rain's coming in sideways.

I've gotta go shoot some video.

See you soon someday.


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