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7:47 a.m. - 2004-11-01


I just wrote an incredibly long entry about my sorority gig on Saturday night and when I clicked the "done" button, the entry was chewed up by the internet and swallowed somewhere in Indonesia.

It's my own fault for not saving the damned thing first, but I checked my connections and the internet is working fine on my end.

Therefore, as much as I love you Diaryland, I'm just a tad bit pissed with you right now.

You're really going to have to work hard to win my love back this time.

Anyway, the entry was titled "Top Ten Reasons Why I Love College Kids (11 If You Count Those Perkylicious Boobies)".

Basically I had one of the best times I've had playing music in the last 20 years on Saturday night.

The kids were very receptive to everything I played with every song at least generating one "YEEEEAHHHH!" from at least one person with each intro.

One gal offered to show me her breasts if I'd play a song. And while it was tempting to gawk at barely legal boobies that were being offered to play a song I was going to play next anyway, I turned down the offer because I was representing an agency whom I'd like to work with steadily in the future.

Another girl was so drunk that she crashed into a table full of antiques right behind me, breaking an antique phonograph player, a lamp, a vase and landing on a chair, breaking off one of its legs. I caught her arm as she was going down and saved her from landing face first on the floor.

I pulled her up to her feet and she gave me a smile, thrust her arms up in the air and gave everyone peace signs to let them know she was okay.

She just ... you know ... did about $800 worth of damage on her way down.

One guy walked past me toward the end of the night and hollered out "UNCLE BOB!!"

And he kept walking.

Which I thought was cool. He wasn't all fanboy about it, harassing me and grilling me on how I can be so prolific while I was trying to work.

Just a grin, a shout-out and he was gone.

I tried to locate him in the crowd later, but I honestly didn't get a good look at him and most of these kids don't believe in facial hair, so they all look alike.

Anyway, cool kid ... thanks for the shout out.

I snapped this photo early on in the evening because I wanted at least one document of the evening.

The dance floor got much more crowded as the night went on, literally doubling the amount of people you see in the photo.

But I didn't take any photos of it then.

Kinda because I was pretty busy dealing with requests and trying to line up the mixes.

But mostly because I didn't want to come across as the creepy old man who keeps taking pictures of the young girls while they're trying to get their groove on.

All in all, I had a blast and had written quite a lot about it before the Diaryland monster chewed it up and swallowed the g-damned thing.

Rotten Diaryland bastard.

I missed Andrew going trick-or-treating because the gig was on Saturday and we live in the buckle of the Bible Belt, which meant local leaders were worried that we'd all go straight to hell if we dared to celebrate Satan's holiday on the Sabbath so they moved Halloween up one day.

But Susie says Andrew fell asleep five minutes into the trick-or-treating so she ended up pushing him in the stroller while they roamed the neighborhood with the other kids from our street.

And Andrew was a bit shocked when he woke up to find a plastic Spiderman head full of candy in his lap.

He has no idea how it got there.

But he hasn't complained yet.

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