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7:43 a.m. - 2004-11-04


Had to take another drug test yesterday.

This one was even more uncomfortable than the last one because I had to take it at the exact place where I'll be working.

One of my new co-workers handled my pee.

If I develop the nickname "Golden Boy" within the first few weeks, I'm quitting.

I start the job on Monday and I'm already loving it.

The boss told me that my DJ gigs will NOT be a problem with the new job and that they will work with me to accommodate those gigs. Meaning if I need to get off early to go play music, I can.

Gotta love that in a new employer.

I was kinda taken aback at one point while talking to him because I told him I was looking forward to working there and he said "You're in for a good time here!"

I thought he said "Urine for a good time here!"

I thought he was making fun of me having to pee in a cup and handing it to my new co-worker.

The thought of fleeing from the building in a huff was appealing.

But I just grinned nervously and called him an asshole in my brain.

I made lasagna for the very first time last night.

I've never made it because of my deadly fear of cheese ... but I made my side without much cheese ... there was a little ricotta and a smidgen of mozzarella. But other than that ... pretty much non-cheesy.

Susie loved her cheesier portion and mine wasn't too awful bad either.


Can you tell I'm avoiding talking about our newly re-elected president?


Well good. Then here goes ...

We DO all need to unite behind our president, dems and repubs alike.

Either that or flee the country and right now, I'm not packed.

Maybe the first four years were just George's way of seeing how far he could push us.

Invading countries that pose no immediate threat to us by saying they pose an immediate threat to us ... that kinda shit.

Anyway, I'm done bashing the guy.

For today anyway.

There's just no use in arguing anymore. He won, Kerry lost ... end of discussion.

But I just want you Bush fans to realize one thing ... this time you have REALLY pissed off Springsteen.

And you don't want a pissed-off Springsteen on your heels.

He might write a song about you that calls you a working class stiff.

Bruce is the BOSS, DAMMIT!!

And you people didn't listen to him??

I mean ... technically, being the Boss and all ... Bruce could fire your ass from rock and roll.

And then where would you be?

Hanging around the country music unemployment line with all the other toothless broken-down truck driving rednecks.

That's where.


I should have never taken that Nyquil at 7 a.m.

My brain be all scrambled and shit.

I've gotta go because I have a project that I'm working on.

It's top secret, don't ya know?

You'll find out more as the weeks go on.

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