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6:13 a.m. - 2005-02-21


Only in the deep south ...

Susie was interviewing people for jobs on Friday and her regional supervisor was sitting in on some of the interviews just because she was there.

They had one guy come in ... late 40s, early 50s who was doing fine in the interview.

At one point, Susie asked him something along the lines of if there was anything that would keep him from doing his job properly ... like a bad back or other physical ailment.

The guy thought about it for a second and said "I don't particularly care for niggers but I can work with 'em."

... Susie's supervisor is African-American.

The guy didn't even blink. He was all "Next question, please".

They asked him a few more questions, thanked him for his time and said they'd get back in touch with him, sending him on his way to the nearest KKK rally or wherever he was going next.

Then her supervisor burst out laughing once he was gone.

I'm pretty sure he's not getting the job.

Went to church yesterday where the pastor said that we all need to pray for the 20 leaders of the church who all started fasting yesterday at 3 p.m. and will continue fasting for three days.

They're fasting so they can gain clarity in their relationship with God.

This ... and I'm sorry people ... but this has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of that didn't have the words "Mariah Carey's comeback attempt" tied to it.

I can't go three hours without eating something and these people are going three days?

And for what??

"Gaining clarity"??

I'll tell ya what ... the only thing these people are going to gain is the ability to hallucinate with ease.

Somehow, I don't think God would give His approval to people doing unhealthy things to their body to gain clarity.

If you're a church leader and you don't have a firm grasp on your relationship with God yet, I don't think skipping meat loaf and mashed potatoes is going to help matters any.

I couldn't help but chuckle when the pastor said this. Which caused Susie to elbow me rather sharply and the lady behind us to "Tsk!" me.

Tsk yourself, you old bag.

Starving yourself willingly is stupid no matter what the cause.

That's just my opinion.

And I'm not afraid to share it.

Which brings me to my final thoughts today.

Hunter S. Thompson is dead after blowing his brains out yesterday.

If there was any journalist out there who I can say I've tried my best to emulate, it's the Hunter.

He wrote and said whatever he wanted and didn't give a shit about the repercussions, inventing the concept of "gonzo journalism" along the way.

I get the feeling that his doctor probably told him on Friday that he had some kind of fatal disease and that he would die within the next ten years and Hunter just said "Fuck it. I control my own destiny", went home and put an end to his life the way he believed it should end.

Or he got high as a kite on mescaline, and thought he could survive a bullet to the skull.

He could have possibly been fasting for three days for the hell of it and started seeing Satan telling him to kill himself.

Either way, a great journalist has passed away.

God rest ye merry Hunter S. Thompson.

Let nothing na nuh nuh.

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