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5:07 a.m. - 2005-05-10


Still no new niece from my sister.

She's in the hospital and will probably pop one out in left field later today.

But you know what they say ... no niece is good niece.


Where do I come up with these gems?!?

I have come to the conclusion that Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper tastes like liquid raw pork.

How in God's name they took a delicious drink like Diet Dr. Pepper and bastardized it into something that could be used to torture prisoners of war ("Drink it! DRINK IT!!!") is beyond me.

The sad part is ... I keep buying the shit.

I go to the store and it's all "Two Fridge Paks for $5" and I'm all "Where's the Diet Dr. Pepper?" and the pimply faced kids show me and I go there and it's all one case of DDP and 73 million cases of Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and I ALWAYS buy the one DDP and then a 12 pack of the DCVDP thinking "Well maybe THIS TIME I'll appreciate the DCVDP".

But I never do.

Who's to blame in all this??

I do not know.

But I don't think it's me.

Is it?

Susie LOVES her new job.

They gave her a fancy Nextel phone that actually works ... unlike the piece o' crap phone she's been using for the last several years that only works when you're calling her from three feet away.

Plus, she's gone from working for a conglomeration to a successful family-owned business where everyone's laid back and she doesn't have to fear upper management because she is upper management.

Crap, it's late and I've got a breakfast meeting to go to.

Make up your own ending for this thing.

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