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6:36 a.m. - 2005-07-10


Hey you.

Got this little thing called Hurricane Dennis headed our way. S'posed to be here sometime this afternoon/evening.

This will be the third major hurricane I've been through. For a storm junkie like myself, it's usually pretty cool until the power goes out. Then it's a major drag and a half.

Last time during that Hurricane Ivan last September, we lost power for a day and a half I think.

TOTALLY ruined every popsicle in the house.

In a rare show of ignorance, we bought six huge slabs of ribs last Sunday for the 4th of July.

We still have four of those in the freezer.

And while some of you may say "Well fire 'em up, U.B.!" there's no way in Hell you can eat four huge slabs of ribs at one sitting.

And you can't refrigerate the leftovers.

So losing about $200 in groceries always sucks the most in hurricanes.

Trying to explain to Andrew that he can't watch his DVDs or play his video games while you're all sitting in an un-air-conditioned house in the dark comes in a close second.

The rain's starting up again.

Time to move the patio furniture into the garage.


I'm tired of this crap.

I'll write more when I can.

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