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5:45 a.m. - 2005-08-09


The problem with having only one vehicle in the family is that the diary updates suffer.

Because I only have time to get on the computer from 5-6 a.m.

And I didn't get up until 5:30 this morning.

So in the next 75 minutes I have to get ready for work, iron some clothes, make breakfast AND lunch for me and the Mrs., get Andrew ready, get his breakfast ready and help him brush his teeth because even though he brushes his teeth, he really just sucks the toothpaste off the toothbrush.

Therefore, the diary suffers.


Quick notes ... I basically talked myself out of getting a party last night.

A lady called looking for someone to DJ her daughter's 21st birthday.

Her husband is one of those "TV dentists" who has a commercial that runs every five minutes saying "If your teeth are unruly and gnarly, come see me and I'll fix 'em up reeeeal purty."

So I know they have money since he's on TV and all.

But the party was scheduled on a night when I already have a gig from 9-11 and this new gig would be from 5-9.

I told her I could do it from 5-8.

Then I said that I couldn't bring any lights because it would take too long to break them down and I had to be at the other gig in plenty of time to get set up there.

She said she had other DJs to call and I said that she might want to go with them instead.


I hate when I do that.

And yes people ... I DJ to fund Andrew's education coffer.

I thought I had mentioned that early on when I decided to do this (become a DJ again).

Maybe I didn't.

Maybe I don't write every minute detail of my life on these pages because I get scrutinized enough by people.

My dad made sacrifices for me and my sisters by taking jobs that paid more money and moved us to exotic locations like Baumholder, Germany and Athens, Greece.

We were supposed to move to Beirut, Lebanon but there was so much shooting in the streets there in 1977 that Dad said "Look ... I'll work there, but my family will live in Greece where the only thing going on in the streets is homosexuals butt raping each other."

Gee thanks, Dad.

Way to watch out for your teenage son.

And his teenage booty.

I guess Dad never had much faith in me being able to seduce a burly, hairy Greek gay guy on the street just by sashaying through the fresh marketplace and then giving up the butt cherry against my wishes.

Well you were WRONG, DADDY!!

I could have had any burly, hairy Greek gay guy I wanted!!!

Christ almighty.

Is this what happens when I have so little time to write this crap??

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