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6:03 a.m. - 2005-12-07


Hey everybody!

Hey ... gee ... thanks for making fun of my little boy's shoes in his picture!

Never mind that they're corrective shoes to try and cure his polio!

He looks like an idiot!

A physically handicapped idiot with white shoes after Labor Day!


Let's shoot him dead since he's a gimp with bad fashion sense!!

Actually ... like most human beings, he doesn't have polio.

But he DOES have bad fashion sense.

I think his grandma bought him those shoes and they're his favorite pair of shoes.

The first time I saw them on him, I cringed too.

But God bless ... the kid loves 'em.

I let him wear them in the Santa photo because last year the photo was taken above the waist and I thought that's how it'd be this year as well.

No such luck, Young Buck.

So my kid's fashion faux pas lives in infamy.

There could be worse things in life.

Although ... right now ... I can't think of any.

I'm a little pissed.

A little peeved.

A little ticked.

A might bit angry.

Y'see ... I was hired through my agency to DJ a Christmas party this Saturday night.

I received a copy of the contract, signed it and sent it back to the agency.

That party was going to fund a healthy chunk of our Christmas spendings.

You see where this is going ... right?

The people who are throwing this party have moved the party to a different venue/nightclub.

At this new venue, there's already a band scheduled to play on Saturday night.

In order to keep me and get rid of the band, it'd cost them $1,500 to buy out the band.

So they called the agency and told them they wouldn't need me.

Now ... on the contract, it specifically states that unless I AGREE to this cancellation, I get paid in full.

However, when the agency called me yesterday to tell me my services wouldn't be used ... they were all "Geez .... we're SO SORRY about this."

Which leads me to believe that the girl who received the contract never signed it and turned it back in.

If she had, I doubt there'd be any question on me getting the money owed to me.

But because the agency is "so sorry" that tells me that there's nothing I can do.

Today I'm calling the agency to see if they ever received a signed copy of the contract from her and if not, what are my chances of getting any money from her.

The agency is absolved in all of this and I'm not looking for any compensation from them. I don't have a beef with them.

But that money was already spent and I turned down another party because I was already committed to this one, so I've lost money twice because I'm apparently dealing with some wishy-washy people who can't decide where they want to hold a party.

Any lawyers out there wanna hand over some free advice on this matter?

If I sue them and win, they pay for all the attorney fees, so you can really jack up your legal advice fees, if'n ya want.

If you love me and you're not watching "The Office" ... you're an idiot.

Last night's episode (The Christmas episode) was the funniest one so far.

If you're one of those fancy schmancy pretty pants fuckers who has a video iPod, you can download the episode today from there for a buck ninety-nine.

And you SHOULD download it.

You fancy schmancy pretty pants fucker, you.

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