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6:28 a.m. - 2006-01-23


Thank you Anenigma.

Finally, I know the name of what these skank whores are doing ... "Freak Dancing".

In case I haven't mentioned it ... I'm now working in two nightclubs. The newest club has a poopload more women in it than the club that I've been working at for the last two years or so.

And these young women LOVE LOVE LOVE to get out on the dance floor and rub their asses on anything that's stationary.

I'm talking bar stools, pool cues, speakers, other women, men, walls, pool tables, potted plants, coat racks, corners of tables ... ANYTHING.

And I'm sorry ... maybe I'm a prude ... but it's just fucking disgusting.

It wouldn't be so bad if they broke out this crazy assed butt dance every now and then. But it's EVERY. DAMNED. SONG.

There's one little lady ... probably 22 years old. Cute, petite, clean-looking.

She gets out on the dance floor with her friends and immediately starts grinding her ass into all of them like a stripper with an attitude.

Then before you know it, she's on her knees with her face buried in her friend's crotches while her friends force her face into their crotches.

"Live simulated sex show ... live simulated sex show ... who ordered the live simulated sex show with sprinkles on top??"

At least on Friday night, there were several tables of women sitting in front of me that were pointing at these young girls on the dance floor and laughing at them.

One lady kept covering her mouth as laughter was just pouring out in these wannabe whores' direction.

So at least I wasn't the only one in the club who was mildly disgusted by their antics.

I'll tell ya ... ladies reading this ... if you subscribe to this form of dancing where you like to show everybody exactly how you act as you're getting rammed up the ass by a gangsta rapper ... there's one word that goes zipping around my brain every time you do this dance.


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