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5:58 a.m. - 2007-05-29


You know those Claritin "clear" commercials where somebody's standing there bitching about how foggy their brain is and then this magical "film" disappears from the scene and you can see the bitchy people all better and more colorful and they're all "I took Claritin and now my I feel better!"???

Well, they get me every damned time with those commercials.

I'm always quite sure that my TV screen can't get any clearer or more colorful and I'll be damned if those bastards don't fool me every single time.

I'm always like ... "Son of a bitch! That's REALLY clear!!!"

I have no earthly idea why I'd ever need Claritin because the visuals in their commercials just knock me for a loop.

I'm guessing they'd be good for hangovers.


Sometimes I'm sitting here, staring at the walls and I start to think "I bet the people that are still left reading Uncle Bob want to know what music I'm listening to lately. Yep. I bet that's why they're still reading ... they're still waiting for me to talk about what wets my musical whistle these days."


Prepare to shit yourself.

I'm REALLY digging Wayne Newton's "Mr. Las Vegas" lately.

That sumbitch can SWING, BABY.

I know you're thinking that I'm bullshitting you, but guess what, Skippy??

I'm not.

I listen to the same ungodly shit every week when I'm DJing that I have to listen to something completely different in order to maintain my sanity.

And it's been a while since I played several Wayne Newton tunes at a wedding.

Also ... the new Wilco CD "Sky Blue Sky" kicks ass as a mellow, soft-rock 70s type of record.

Lead singer Jeff Tweedy isn't the greatest vocalist in the world, but he's got tons of emotion in his pipes. His voice cracks quite a bit, but it's cool. Lots of acoustic guitar on the disc.

I've told you about Amy Winehouse and Brandi Carlile. I've been listening to Amy's CD a lot lately.

Actually ... I say "CD" but I'm all about the iPod these days. I'm getting so much more use out of it than I ever thought I would.

I laid on the beach last week, jamming the shit out of some Wayne Newton while the waves crashed against the beach.

Songwise ... I'm really impressed with Bon Jovi's new song ... You Want To Make A Memory. I think that's the name of it. I can't stand Bon Jovi for the most part ... but that song's killer.

I also like Mika's "Grace Kelly" (Queen fans can appreciate it), Jon McLaughlin's "Beautiful Disaster" and Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" which is about the catchiest song I've heard all year.

So there ya go.

You are now hip to what I'm diggin'.


I sound like a retarded lounge singer.

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