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5:50 a.m. - 2007-07-21


Susie's boss gave her an almost new bunk bed set for Andrew a few weeks ago since he was buying new bedroom furniture for his kids.

We graciously accepted it because I'm not above turning down kid's furniture from a million dollar home.

Anyway, the one thing we needed for it were mattresses and boxsprings.

We already had one mattress and boxspring so we only needed one more set.

I was looking through our local buy-sell-trade magazine and found someone selling exactly what we needed.

We went over to the person's house last night and long story short, it was a grandmother who had just bought her grandkids new bedroom furniture for her house when they stayed over there.

Everything was in excellent condition and she threw in a ton of Ralph Lauren linens, handcrafted comforters ... really nice stuff for $125.

You couldn't beat the price really. And this was all stuff that some kids slept on a few times a year for the last couple of years ... barely used.

So Susie goes to write the lady a check because we only brought enough cash for the mattress and box spring ($50) and the lady kept piling on more stuff and we bought it all for $125 ... thus a personal check was in order.

(Here's where I make this whole story worthwhile)

Susie says "Who do I make this out to?"

The lady says "It's Gay. G-A-Y."

Susie writes down "Gay".

The last name is "[email protected]. M-A-N-N".

Susie writes down [email protected].

(With an "a" in place of the "@". God knows I don't want this woman finding this site)

I about giggled out loud.

Gay [email protected].

The first thing I thought was ... when she met her future husband and they started courting and she started just dreamily writing down her name on a rainy afternoon, imagining what it would be like to be his wife and the very first time she wrote "Gay [email protected]" ... did she stop and think "Holy shit. Maybe I'd better rethink this relationship?"

Or did she think "I bet nobody will ever make fun of my new name if this guy were to propose to me. People are mature for the most part. I can't see this being a big deal."

Wrong, Gay [email protected].

Susie and I both got back in the van and burst out giggling.

Once again ... a very sweet woman ... unfortunate name.

But ... as I pointed out to the Suzemeister ... I bet nobody ever forgets her name.

(I was worried about her Googling her name and finding this site, but after doing it myself and finding "Hot Gay Sex For Men" at the top of the list, I don't really see her going through with it.)

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