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1:51 p.m. - 2002-01-16


I spent lunch jamming pretzels into my banana.

And no, that's not a sexual euphenism. I was literally shoving pretzel sticks down the length of my banana and eating it.

I did it to see what taste sensation it would create. Lately I've been putting crushed-up pretzels in my yogurt and eating that. The combination of the yogurt's sweetness and the saltiness of the pretzels is a stoner's dream munchie.

However, I'm sad to report that a banana crammed full of pretzel sticks is not only lame, but somewhat dangerous. I almost punctured my gums with those hidden pretzel sticks.

So if you're thinking of cramming your banana full of pretzels, think again, Tubs.

For those of you who missed the addition to my earlier entry, this cat is giving away cash on his website. And he's for real. It's no lie. He's already assured me of some dough.



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