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1:09 p.m. - 2001-09-17



Way down below on this page are a couple of banner/button things to help show your support for America. One will take you to Ms. Kaos' site where you can get your own copy of the banner and the other will take you to a Yahoo email support group that focuses on our tragedy and was founded by Diaryland's own Trinity 63.

Also, there are two new diaries that focus on our thoughts and what we were doing on the day all of this began.

September 911 and September 11 are two different sites that give everyone the opportunity to document our feelings and stories about the tragic day.

Finally, my buddy Jenny and her company are doing a really neat thing...they're behind Project Linus which will provide security blankets for the children who were left without their parents after this tragedy.

I'll tell you what...that's the most heartbreaking thing of all to think about...all those kids who can't understand why their Mommy, Daddy or both won't be coming home.

I just know that I love my son so much and cannot begin to imagine what would happen if I were to ever be taken away from him suddenly.

Do what you can, people. Whether it's joining a discussion group, donating a blanket, documenting your thoughts or just displaying a banner on your what you can.

I can't remember what stage follows "anger" in the grieving process...but I think I'm past the "anger" now and just want to move forward.

Sadly, I think the anger will rear its ugly head again soon.

I'm not angry anymore because I found something NEW to be angry about...



I had previously said that I would NEVER visit this sports grill again because they had a rude staff and the manager wouldn't meet with me for two minutes when I was raising money for the American Cancer Society...he said I'd have to schedule an appointment with him, which really burned my ass because he wasn't a CEO of a company ... he managed a freakin' sports grill fer Chrissakes.

BUT...Edweird went there on Friday with a friend and said the wings were excellent.

A word about the Weird One and his wings ... for years, Edweird would not eat buffalo wings because he thought they were too much trouble for so little satisfaction.

Kinda like shrimp. I love boiled shrimp, but you have to remove the shell, take out the mud the time you get a shrimp peeled and eat it, it's like taking a quarter of a bite of a hamburger.

And I'd rather have the hamburger. It's the whole instant gratification thing.

So Edweird JUST STARTED eating Buffalo wings this summer and he's been on a wing kick ever since.

He's eaten wings in almost every restaurant in town that offers them and said that we HAD to go to the sports grill.

Fine. I'm bending my rule of "NEVER EVER EVER GOING IN THAT HELLHOLE ASSHOLE PLACE EVER EVER EVER AGAIN" and we'll go have wings.

We get in and are seated. Coolio.

We then wait ten minutes before a waiter comes to the table. The waiter is training a new girl so we have a guy and a girl at our table. Ordering in stereo.

The girl has the personality of a cardboard box. She just stands there and pretends to write stuff down.

We tell the waiter that we each want a pound and a half of wings.

That sounds like a TON of wings to me. Edweird said he had a pound the other day and it wasn't enough and he'd been jonesing for these wings ever since.

Fine. Bring me a pound and a half of these bad boys.

At that point ... the waiter and his silent sidekick forgot all about us. They turned our order in and then went to four years of law school or something.

They vanished. They Chandra Levyied our asses.

Everyone else got their food in the restaurant while somebody must have been strangling chickens out back, ripping their wings off and tossing them on a baking sheet. Because it took 25 minutes for us to get our wings.

They bring them out and all we had ordered were wings.

They brought fries. And baskets of wings that (to Edweird) were looking suspiciously like the pound o' wings that he ordered on Friday.

"We ordered a pound AND A HALF of wings," Edweird told the silent girl. "And no fries."

Silent girl did her impression of Charlie Chaplin while she waited for the waiter that was able to speak to quit talking to his friends at another table and come entertain us for a few seconds.

"Mmmmbuhfuhhhbuhhfruhhhbuhhh," she quietly told the waiter.

"You didn't order fries?" the waiter asked.

Uhhhhh no. You specifically asked us if we wanted a platter with fries and we specifically said "No".

This caused a bit of confusion. We were both cheated out of a half pound of wings apiece and we had plates of curly fries in front of us that we hadn't ordered.

Waiter Man told us he would get to the bottom of this as they stared at the fries. Finally, Silent Girl picked the fries up off the table and they went to have a meeting in the back.

Five minutes later, Waiter Man comes back out and announces that what we had before us was INDEED one and A HALF pounds of wings.

This is where restaurants have you by the balls. the best of my knowledge...nobody in the restaurant had a scale on them. You have to take the word of the employee that you are getting what you pay for when you order food by the weight.

For instance...if you have a choice between a 16 oz- steak and a 20-oz steak...get the 16 oz. You'll save a few bucks and the restaurant could easily give you a 16 oz and charge you for 20 anyway.

It's a racket.

A scam.

A loophole.'s not a loophole. I just felt the need to write one more analogy before I called it quits in the analogy department.

So, we eat what Edweird swears are only a pound of wings and watch MSNBC.

I know our nation has suffered a terrible tragedy.

I'm well aware that there are thousands upon thousands of people who have lost co-workers, family members and friends.

I have great respect and admiration for the heroes that have been working non-stop up in New York and Washington.

...But if I have to watch the same video of Dr. Mark Heath being buried under a blanket of soot one more freakin' time I'm going to scream.

I've seen this video more times than Madonna's been seen on MTV. It's like...every five's Dr. Mark again.

I would rather see it once an hour...once every few hours...and give me the latest news instead. Are we close to capturing somebody? What's going on at the White House? The latest word from Afghanistan?

But if you've seen NBC or its sister stations at least once in the last 72 hours, you've seen this video of the Doctor buried in soot.

I've seen it. Give me news now.

Anyway, so we watch the news while we eat. Our lunch hour is almost up as we got our food...that's how slow service was today.

We both ran out of drinks and of course, Waiter Man and Silent Girl were out getting their degrees while we ate. So we're munching on hot wings with no drinks.

I'm sucking on ice to cool the burn.

I ran out of ice and started licking the vinyl on my chair. Anything to cool the burn.

In a bizarre turn of events, Waiter Man showed up at our table.

"How is everything," he asked in that smug tone that just screams "My manager STILL doesn't want to meet with you to discuss helping the Cancer Society."

Like an idiot, I toss off a very generic "fine" comment, hoping that I didn't have to point out that we needed cold liquids to help combat the flames in our mouth.

As Edweird dug into his last wing and I was looking at my last two wings, Silent Girl shows up with two tall Dr. Peppers.

Gee Sweetie..those would have been great when we weren't FINISHED with our meal, you mute button of a woman, you.

Several minutes pass before Waiter Boy brings our bills out.


For about ten small wings and a Dr. Pepper and some ass-lousy service.

Edweird kept apologizing for the service and that it was much more efficient on Friday. I nodded my head as I noted that our lunch hour had now been extended to a lunch hour and a half.

I scrounged up $12.50 which was a bigger tip than they deserved.

Edweird gave them a buck and change.

The manager STILL wouldn't meet with me.


So today, I come to work, fire up my email...

There's 44 emails...this time every single one of them nice and supportive of my recent columns which called the Taliban a bunch of rude names. Not a single negative one there.

I've answered quite a few of them this morning, and I also want to extend my thanks to the people on the message board who've been very supportive of my beliefs and share the same sentiment as I do as well about these terrorists.

I don't claim to know everything about these terrorists or the Afghanistans or the Muslims. I've had quite a few people try to educate me on the difference between them and that's cool.

But more than anything...I want those responsible dead. I don't want education. I trust my government to do the right thing and I know mistakes will be made but those mistakes are inevitable.


I'm just beating a dead horse now.

Even the horse is tired of my bitching. And it's DEAD.

Finally...I guess I'm just a wee bit proud to be writing for Mighty Big TV again this fall.

Especially when it gets such a high profile story as this one in Variety magazine.

It states that Hollywood insiders are relying more and more on the site to get feedback on the respective television shows.

One of the MBTV writers has already been hired by MTV to help out with "Tough Enough".

Do you think I might be hired to write for "Ed"???

I mean...technically it's possible.

Realistically, the show's creators would probably feel more secure hiring a typing chimp than me.'s a cool little article and it gives me something to not only brag about but feel proud of.

Take a gander at it if you have the time. It's short and pretty interesting.

That's it from Bobland. Hope your day's going smooth.

Keep on rocking in the free world.

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