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6:45 a.m. - 2000-11-22


This is going to have to be brief. All my writing time this morning was taken up by a certain little baby who thought that my holding him was more important than writing a diary entry.

Of course, right now he's in his car seat next to me, cooing like a pigeon.

THEN ... I started a diary entry about 30 minutes ago ... but I was also downloading a buttload of MP3s at the same time and the whole system froze up so I lost that entry.

This INFURIATED me. I picked up the baby and swung him around by the ankles, yelling "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, BABY BOY??? HOWWWWWWWWW????"

Then I quickly realized it wasn't HIS fault that my system froze up, so I put him back in his car seat where he's resting comfortably, except he has one eye fixed on me at all times in case I wanna use him as a play toy again. Mom and Dad get here. And my house is a WRECK.

I kept telling myself for the last week "Today I'll clean house".

At the end of each day, I told myself "Tomorrow...I'm cleaning this damned house."

At the beginning of each morning, I told myself "Sonofabitch...this house sure needs cleaned before my parents get here."

Today they get here. And it ain't been cleaned.

My mom used to be a cleanliness freak. To an extent, she still is, but not nearly as bad as when we were growing up.

When we woke up each morning, the FIRST thing we had to do was make our beds. Before peeing, brushing teeth, running out of the house while it was in flames...MAKE THAT BED, NEPHEW BOB!!!

They're not staying with us...thank God. I got them a hotel room nearby. Mom still smokes like a chimney and we don't want her smoking around the baby or us for that matter. Dad smoked until his brain surgery earlier this year. That scared him enough to where he quit smoking.

I love 'em both dearly and am looking forward to them being here. But I have this little bitty self esteem problem that there's no way I can get my house clean enough to where Mom can feel at home.

She'd die if she knew I was saying this. She always says "Don't bother cleaning for us" when they come to visit.

The only problem is...if she saw one empty coke can on the coffee table, she'd have a coniption. I KNOW better than to leave the house looking the way it does right now.

I was RAISED better than to leave baby activity mats on the floor 24-7.

Yes sirree, Bob. I go in to the office for about 3 hours than come home and clean for about 6 hours before they get here.

We're going to Steak and Shake tonight, because it's one of Dad's all-time favorite restraurants from when he was a kid. Plus, they don't have one where they live.

Then, we come back home and sit and stare at each other, except for Mom who will sit and stare at my bookcase and wonder how often I dust it.

(Answer: Every time you come to visit, Mother)

I've been downloading the "Harry Belafonte Live At Carnegie Hall" disc off Napster all morning.

Mom used to play the album non-stop when I was a kid. She was only in her early 20s at the time, and she had seen Harry Belafonte in concert. At the time it was her only concert she had ever witnessed and she was in LOVE with Harry Belafonte after that. So she played the album to relive the concert on a daily basis.

A few months ago, I made a disc for her with a buncha old country songs that she used to play when I was a kid for her. Included in there was "Day-O" by Harry Belafonte. I asked her how she liked the disc and she said it was very nice, but when "Day-O" came on she started to cry because she had no idea I had paid that much attention to the music she was playing back when I was a wee pup.

Soooo...I figured I'd make her just gush rivers of tears by downloading the whole thing onto a disc. will make up for the messy house...

That's it folks ... I've got a baby that's getting hungry and has to go see his Mom, a dog that doesn't think walking in 23 degree weather is that bad, a house that needs cleaned badly and a job that thinks it's imperative that I show up every now and then.

Have a great Thanksgiving. If anything of merit happens today, I'll be back in the morning with an update. However, if I'm just too busy, I won't be here, which I'm sure you understand because the chances are high you won't be here either.



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