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11:24:45 - 2000-11-09



So THIS day was the original due date day and today he's one week old.

I love him so much. He's such a trip. I know I keep saying that over and over, but I think I'm still in shock that my butt-ugly ass could ever conceive such a precious little thing.

We got up at 4 a.m., my boy and I, and sat in the recliner together and listened to classical music. He got a little fussy (he HATES Claude Debussy...go figure)so I tried a trick that my ob/gyn buddy told me yesterday.

Turn your pinky upward so that the meat of your pinky rests against the roof of his mouth and pop that baby in there.

Man oh man...that kid SUCKS!

He LOVES my pinky! Finally, I found something that would console him when he gets cranky ... and it was always at the end of my hand.

So we chilled together for a few hours. Now my pinky is chapped though.

Stayed home all day yesterday taking care of the tired two. Did some laundry, watered flowers (my God...have we got flowers now...)and napped quite a bit.

A lady from church brought by dinner...homemade chicken pot pie and blueberry muffins. It was delicious.

We also got a cookie bouquet from one of our friends in North Carolina. The amount of detail those people put into each cookie is phenomenal. One gingerbread man has a little "Andrew" t-shirt on ... another has his birthdate on it.

...I've gotta take pics of it....

Speaking of which...I added three pics of the boy on his photo album yesterday. Just click on the little box that says "Album Cover" and go down to the last three entries..."Jackie Chan" was one of them. "One Hip Fly Boy" was another I think.

They were all taken after his bath the other night. Which he didn't seem to mind too much.

I know all I talk about anymore is my kid. Sorry. He's my whole life now. I'm sure eventually I'll get back to talking about other things. But right's Andy Time, 24-7.

I had a dream last night that Susie had put Andy to rest in a votive candle because "it was warm".

I went to pull him out of the candle and he was crying and covered in wax.

I got pretty pissed at Susie for almost burning the kid to death.

I wonder what that dream means?



Would you go through a painful operation (say a Bone Marrow transplant) to save a total stranger's life? Would you do it for a lifetime of free professional massages afterwards?

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