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00:11:17 - 2000-03-15


Who loves ya baby??

That's right...yer ol' Uncle Bob does.

Holy hell, it's been a long day.

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and started working. I have an internal alarm clock that usually goes off at 4 a.m. but I musta set it early last night.

It's midnight now ... I just got in a few hours ago from work. My eyes are burning, I've been up for 20.5 hours ...

So naturally ... human instinct tells me...sleep deprivation=more bizarre entries.

Actually ... this entry is about as bizarre as catching your mom baking a cake.

Hey look ....I know this entry isn't funny ... I'm exhausted ... humor me you ungrateful little shit or I'll turn this diary around RIGHT NOW and we'll ALL go home!!

....alright then.


I'm going to bed.

You kids can stay up all night long if you want. Reading and writing your little diaries 'til dawn. I don't give a rat's patootie.

I'm tired.

And cranky. Did I mention cranky??

I've got better things to do than entertain you kids while your mother tries to drive.

Like sleep.

Hey...I'll make you a promise ... you let me go to bed now ... I have an award-winning entry for you in the A.M.


I've got something that might be relatively entertaining going on tomorrow afternoon. I'll tell ya more about it tomorrow.

VH1 showed "Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic" ... Prince's New Year's Eve PPV tonight.


I know...I'm an old white guy ... screw ya and yer pappy too.

But I have bought everything he's ever released and love his grooves.

Granted... his music hasn't been worth a shit in about eight years.

But he's still the shizznit.

Then afterwards, a VH1 Legends show came on with U2.

I love U2 about as much as I do Prince. So I've been watching VH1 like a housewife for the last several hours.

Alright...I'm falling asleep at the monitor. Time for bed.

Here's hopin' I dream of you.

"What did God say when he saw the Grand Canyon?"

"Oh my Self".

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