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6:25 a.m. - 2001-05-23


Jeez Louise, did I oversleep.

Let's see...let's seeeeee....

Y'know...I had a GOOD day yesterday. But the more I think about was a lousy day.

If someone came up to you and said "I want you to work your ass off but I'm not going to pay you", would you consider that a GOOD thing??

I had two people come up and tell me that. And I agreed to both of them. And I consider that a GOOD thing.

I'm severely fucked in the head.

Okay ... first ... this gal from the American Cancer Society came by the office yesterday to drop off some stuff for a story in the paper.

We made small talk. It went like this.

ME: "Hi".

HER: "Hi."

ME: "Sup?"

HER: "Nada"

ME: "Yo"

HER: "Yeah?"

And on and get it ... small talk.

Eventually the talk got bigger and complete sentences were formed. Luckily ... nobody got hurt.

What it boils down to is I was asked to compete in next year's Biggest Rat campaign again like I did last month.

You remember...the silent auction...the golf tournament...the "robbing" of restaurants...that one.

The thing that eventually led me to contracting bronchitis?? Almost killed me??? Do I have to provide a link to all the entries I did about the damned thing???? Huh?????

Okay. You remember. Good.

So I agreed to run yet again next year. As I thought ... I raised ENOUGH money to make them very happy, but not enough to win. If I do the exact same thing again next year, the exact same reaction will be accomplished. They'll be very happy.

The difference between this year and next year is:

A) I now have a year and not a month to get my campaign in order.

B) I know what works and what doesn't now.

C) This is 2001, that will be 2002.

So ... wish me luck, you bastards.

Then ... and this little non-paying gig is even cooler and something that I've wanted to do for about ten years... nothing's finalized yet, but I think all I have to do is ask and it's mine for the taking ...

Yesterday, I'm talking to one of the organizers of our local music festival and we get to talking about why I'm not going to be going to the festival this weekend.

Basically, I told her that none of the acts appeal to me and that they've taken a giant step backwards. I told her they'll STILL have plenty of people show up ... but not me ... not the people that I know....not my age group...the one with the most disposable incomes.

That kinda flipped her out.

So I then told her that they NEED me to be on their volunteer entertainment committee. The committee that works all year to sign the artists to play at the festival.

She told me she thought that was a great idea and we need to discuss it after the Festival is over.

Whether or not she was blowing me off or was serious about getting me on the committee, I don't know. But I at least got the door open, my foot in the door, and no dog has tried to gnaw my foot off yet.

This year's lineup just does nothing for me. You might see something there that appeals to you ... but it all just leaves me with an empty feeling.

So hopefully ... next year I'll have a hand in shaping up the musical portion of the festival and it'll be cooler.

Then again, I could totally screw it up.

We'll see.

THEN ... while I'm working dilligently ... I get a phone call from a local restaurant, saying they drew my business card out of a fishbowl and I've won a free lunch!!!



It's turning into a good day alright. good pal Wendi calls and says she wants to have lunch with me (!!!) and discuss some projects that she thinks I could help her out with.

You know...writing some stuff.

And...and...and...THIS GIG PAYS!!!


Of course ... writing for Wendi causes me a lot of stress because it's usually BOOKS that I have to write ... not diary entries. And when you're writing a book, it means you really have to pay attention to what you write and not just type in stream of consciousness stuff and use the words "Fucking shit" a lot.

Fucking shit.

This is going to be tough.

But...we'll see. We're having lunch next week.

Add to all this ... my baby boy is back to normal. His ear infection was cleared up by the shot, he's taking his antibiotics and he's nothing but smiles now. So this little weekend trip will be full of fun and smiles from the little one, which will be cool because he's meeting a lot of people for the first time and I wanted him to be on his best and cutest behavior.


AND ... I've REALLY been downloading a lot of Paul McCartney's stuff off Audio Galaxy lately.

We watched that "Wingspan" documentary on ABC a few weeks ago, and Susie was all like "I didn't know he did all those songs."

Of the 1970s, Paul McCartney was my MAN and I was his BITCH. I bought all his albums and harbored a severe teenage crush on his dead wife Linda. I sold all those albums years ago, and have now downloaded most of them and put them on disc, so the last few days I've been be-bopping around to songs like "Listen To What The Man Said" and "Venus and Mars".


I LOVE the internet.

Wait...I LOVE the free music and the fact that I can make my own damned CDs and am not at the music industry's mercy and can only buy the latest crap from TLC or En Vogue or Destiny's Child or whoever the latest three woman R&B group may be.


I've gotta take the kid to daycare and I haven't even showered yet.

I'm outta here.

Have a great one.

See if you can top mine from yesterday.

Betcha can't.

Nyah nyah nyah.

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