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15:13:24 - 2000-05-21


Alright...the fact that I'm a freak has been established time and time again here, correct??

And in my last entry I told you I carried a buncha junk out to the curb for the garbagemen to pick up tomorrow.'s the real deal...

I hauled a bunch of old magazines to the curb yesterday.

Okay...freak time...I've collected magazines FOREVER.

I had magazines dating back to 1975. Rock and roll magazines with KISS, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, etc in them.

I could NEVER bear to part with them.

These magazines followed me around the world. From Tennessee to Illinois to Germany to Greece to New Jersey to Kentucky to Alabama.

They've seen more of the world than most humans have.

Yesterday, after collecting them for years, I took box after box to the curb.

Secretly, I was hoping somebody would drive by, stop and load all the magazines into their car and give them all a new home where they would be pored over and enjoyed as much as I have over the years.

That's what they do in Alabama. You put something on your curb, people drive by. If they want it, they take it.

Hell...last week someone took three garbage bags full of lawn clippings off my curb for Christ's sake.

No such luck with the magazines.

They sat there overnight. Nobody even gave them a second glance. the rain pours down...these magazines...these momentos...these MEMORIES of mine are getting wet, soggy and unreadable.

I stood and watched the cardboard boxes go from tan to black as the rain soaked through them, destroying my memories.

The Rolling Stone with John Belushi on the cover, commemorating his death.

The one with Kurt Cobain.

The very first Entertainment Weekly.

Hundreds of my memories...drenched.

They will never be of any service to anyone any more.

Granted, I haven't looked at any of them in years. They've been boxed up and in storage.

Still...a part of me is out in the rain, getting soaked.

I'm literally upset that a bunch of 20-year-old magazines are getting wet.

Told ya I was a freak.

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