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06:15:28 - 2000-04-25


Okay ... I've calmed down from the last entry.

I'm still pissed. But at least now I can see straight.

Let's not talk about my computer woes, eh? That's all I've been focusing on lately.

Hey ... if you go here , you can read all about my prom night that happened 20 years ago tonight straight from the diary entry I wrote that evening.

Did I get laid??

Did I have a blast, or was it a bust??

You won't know unless you click here .

I thought I made that abundantly clear.

I really find it odd that this site gets a few hits while my other site doesn't get any reflection of that.

Granted ... my other site used to be loads of fun before I started this one.

Now ... it's just me making fun of all the stupid things I did as a teen.


Ob La Di, Ob La Da....

Man ... I still can't believe how mad I got yesterday.

I just DON'T get that angry about anything.

So sorry about yesterday's entry. I would delete it permanently from the archive, but I made a pact with myself that anytime I use the phrase "Senor Shitbreath" it's a keeper.

Sorry...I just love that nickname.

For some reason, I got a copy of GQ in the mail the other day. Addressed to me.

I don't read that shit.

Although...I've never actually given it a try, so I might pick it up one of these days and leaf through it.

Can you tell I'm just reaching for some damned topic to come to me this morning?

I got up two hours ago...3:45 a.m. ... to write my column for this week.

I had written it yesterday on my "new" computer which is now back at Circuit Fuckin' City.

In my haste and rage, I erased everything off my new computer back to its factory settings.

...Including the column that I had spent two hours writing ...

It was okay really, because from what I remember the column sucked and I liked the one I wrote this morning a bit better.

It's no work of art ... but it's done.

It's the column where I FINALLY get to announce that we're pregnant.

I was kind of hoping for something more ... sentimental ... than what I wrote...but as we all know by go with what comes out of your feeble little mind.'s a humor column for Pete's sakes. People come there to be entertained, they don't necessarily care to read anything out of the ordinary that can't be considered humor.

I'd reprint it here, but since you all know I'm pregnant, the shock value is lost.

But me and I'll send it to ya, if you wanna read it. That's a bargain.

God...speaking of email...with all these probs I've been having lately with the computers, my email answering has reached a standstill. Bear with me...I've had a long, frustrating weekend and today's my longest and most frustrating day of the week.

But ya know what???

I'm still one happy sonofabitch.

And I do believe the happiness comes with age.

... And will crash the day the kid is born.

It's 6:03 a.m. and I am all wrote out already. I have 14 more hours of this at the very least. Then I come home and write more here.

...You guys only THOUGHT I was prolific.

Let's all have a great rest of the day. If I can bring myself to it and am not too exhausted or frustrated, I'll be back tonight.

Love ya.

Mean it.

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