Laura - 2003-12-07 12:06:56
Hey-be nice! I have 3 rats as pets! :) And FUCK LOUISE :)
Erica - 2003-12-17 21:08:19
My car has many issues, thus I find much time to spend on the side of the interstate, and was wondering if I might borrow some of your ideas for the next time I'm stranded? Although after reading this entry, I'm not sure if I should tell a story or run over some mice with a lawn mower, I do think it was very entertaining, and that I'd like to meet Bob as I'm always in need of extra cash. Since you've been so helpful in making me smile today, I'll give you a couple of helpful hints I've discovered from my many days of car troubles. 1. Cars need water or some type of cooling agent that I never seem to have. 2. People don't like it when you're stalled in the middle of freeway offramps. It makes them all pissy, so try to break down on the shoulder or something. 3. Any car you have to start by sticking a wrench close to some wires that are connected to the starter and hoping the sparks that are produced start your car, is a piece of crap and whomever sold it to you should be flogged. 4. Make sure your children always use the restroom before you break down. Just a little knowledge to pass on from me to your readers. Use it wisely!
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