cosmicrayola - 2003-12-27 09:51:53
Poor baby! Sick on Christmas. Wow has he grown up! That last picture shows how much he has changed. He isn't a baby anymore. He's a little boy. Glad your day was a good one.
Jamie - 2003-12-27 09:58:34
Thanks Bob. I was reading your diary when my 3 year old came in and saw Andrew's pictures. "Oh,look Mommy! I have that round house! I have those Thomas movies! I have that coal mine! I don't have that Cranky. Why don't I have Cranky? And I don't have that caboose either. I want the Cranky and the caboose!" Thanks Bob. Bunches.
Jenn - 2003-12-27 10:36:00
Awwwww. Thanks for sharing!
Laurie - 2003-12-27 10:51:03
Please tell me how you upload your photos without them being gigantic?
Kimberly - 2003-12-27 11:32:44
excited or not. he is so adorable! love that last picture. :)
Trinity Sixty-Three - 2003-12-27 13:41:47
He's getting to be such a big boy! Our babies are not babies anymore.
Megan - 2003-12-27 14:08:27
Andrew is a doll. I can't believe how big he is now. That's the funny thing about posting your life on the web, everyone else feels like they're growing up with him. Glad to hear you're not a gambler. You're lucky you're not with both parents avid gamblers.
becca (frank) - 2003-12-27 14:38:12
Just wanted to say -- Merry Christmas, Uncle Bob! :D
Teresa - 2003-12-27 14:38:23
Elle - 2003-12-27 15:53:18
That picture in the yellow shirt is so cute it makes my ovaries hurt. My 3 year old boy lurves Thomas, too. What is it about a prissy little British engine that drives the boys wild? Oh, well, it could be worse. It could be The Wiggles. Heh.
Laurie - 2003-12-27 16:47:34
Aww bless. It almost makes me want to have children of my own, but then I remembered he had shat all over the carpet.
Teralyne - 2003-12-27 18:06:58
UB your boy is getting so big and is such a cuty too. You spoil the hell out of him getting all his favorite things but that is what parents are for. Too bad you didn't post a pic of you red face after blowing that thing up.
chuffnutt - 2003-12-27 18:07:08
The first paragraph reminded me of last year's christmas when I went to phone my older brother's place. It was his old number, shared by his ex-girlfriend. He ran away with his ex-girlfriend's daughter, so she was all alone, and I stupidly add to her misery by seeing if he's there. I'm such an idiot! I wasn't even drunk or anything. Perfectly sober.
Pischina - 2003-12-27 19:19:40
My parents are the most boring people on the entire planet - I WISH they were gamblers who brought to my house enough food to feed a circus! I got to bring home the leftover three pieces of pizza my mom served for Christmas Eve and they kept the cookies and fudge we brought!
Em - 2003-12-28 22:36:03
Uncle Bob, is it a bad thing if I had the kind of Christmas you described in the beginning? I was just told it made me extra special... ~slumps shoulders and walks away from the computer, mystified
Emily C - 2003-12-29 09:44:04
I am so happy that you finally wrote about your Christmas! The only day I had off was Christmas. There's been nothing to do at work and I keep flicking back to Pischina's and your Diaries and no one was updating! Phew! I'm so happy I have things to read today. You and your family rock! My parents are not gamblers, well, that's sort of a lie because my dad won the lottery (a small one) by gambling on a scratch ticket. He won a thousand dollars a week for the rest of his life. He's been receiving it for the past 20 years and he hasn't spent much of it (he bought a new tv the other day) I think he's afraid that it's not really his to spend. Happy New Year!
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