cosmicrayola - 2003-12-29 08:34:49
Ok, we want the words!
Uncle Bob - 2003-12-29 08:36:46
I'd give you the words, but it's all a bunch of inside jokes that wouldn't be funny to you guys. Trust me.
MNLady1962 - 2003-12-29 08:42:54
I want to see the video. Surely someone took video of this????
Doug - 2003-12-29 10:23:54
What no lighters and an encore?
Brandi - 2003-12-29 10:47:26
I'm surprised you didn't take advantage of the situation and have all the ladies sit on your lap and tell you how naughty they've been. ;-)
U.B. - 2003-12-29 10:55:04
There's video alright. I've watched it once. I hope I never have to watch it again. No Dougie ... I'm not the rock and roll supastar that you are. The only lighters I saw were the ones trying to ignite my beard. And Brandi ... ummmmm ... there were very few women there I'd want on my lap if you get my drift.
John-Boy - 2003-12-29 11:34:56
Uncle Bob, I respect you for doing such a thing. But shit, boy, one would think you'd have tried it once through with your Santa shit on so you could have avoided this mess. ;)
Lando - 2003-12-29 14:27:19
39 verses? didnt jesus get 39 lashes? how very christmas-y.
Kim - 2003-12-29 23:20:24
Cool gig! You look great in the Santa Suit. I am an occupational therapist for a school district and I occasionally teach one handed kids how to tie their shoes. Andrew is getting to be a big boy and still as adorable as ever. I got my nephew the same train set.
Derek - 2003-12-29 23:44:13
If I had your talent and the time to write a blog, I would spend two articles complaining about how every single on of my wife's female friends is allergic to our cat. It drives me up the freaking wall!
Bingoguy - 2003-12-30 08:41:56
I think this proves, without a doubt, old, fat, white guys cannot rap.

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