Lando - 2004-01-11 09:16:11
$20 ron jeremy bangs tammy faye messner and vanilla ice glues live gerbils to his chest in a lame attempt to be 'hedgehog jr.'
eggsaucted - 2004-01-11 09:46:59
Uncle Bob on a sunday? I could get used to this! You're spoiling us UB!
ChicagoJo - 2004-01-11 12:27:36
I panicked for a split second. I was convinced that I had spent my morning loungoing in bed and sitting on the couch naked instead of going to bed. Thanks for the heads-up for the TWOP action to come. Enjoy your SUNDAY.
onewetleg - 2004-01-11 13:28:45
i would suggest putting tape over one of the vcr tape entry points.(?) that way andrew can't put anything in it. did he ever put french toast in one of them. my step-son used to do that. love,
Becca Frank - 2004-01-11 13:47:51
Hey, I'm up as early as you. It's just that I'm STILL up from the night before. Damn insomnia.
fargahar - 2004-01-11 15:01:00
I so could not cha-cha to this entry UB! Anyways I'm gonna look forward to the recap. And was that Las Vegas Trishelle I saw sitting in the hot tub? Since when is she even a B-rate celebrity?
La Penseuse - 2004-01-11 15:59:39
I saw richard simmons on a talk show not too long ago... I think it was the Wayne Brady show or something.... he was his usual self, making the audience join in in some cardiovascular exercise or some crap like that... anyways, just thought you'd like to know. L'amour toujours ~LP
MissPinkKate - 2004-01-11 16:24:01
I am glad to see you write for Television Without, because it is a kick-ass website, and two, because it means you watch reality TV, and that makes me feel better about the fact that I watch reality TV (come on, there's a guilt factor, you've got to admit it). Yay Uncle Bob!
Cruel-Irony - 2004-01-11 18:39:43
Hot damn! I was hoping you were going to be recapping the next The Surreal Life. I can't wait!
Robert - 2004-01-11 18:48:58
I can report that Richard Simmons recently sent Barbra Streisand a cocktail ring, in appreciation for her music. In return... the b-i-t-c-h sent the ring back, saying she refuses it. Sheee-it... CHER would never do that!
Saladwhore - 2004-01-11 20:23:17
*bounces up and down with glee* I cannot WAIT for another Andrew entry, weeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! At least you took him to see something GOOD this time. The Bear rocks my cha-chas off.
Jenn - 2004-01-11 21:00:24
Go grab your lite popcorn and your diet dr. pepper. Put the boy to sleep. YOu have 20 minutes before Surreal Life starts. And now you can't say that I've never done anything for you.
Pischina - 2004-01-11 23:48:02
I put the Surreal Life on my calendar just so I wouldn't forget to watch it, so you BETTER not forget to recap it! I've been looking forward to your recap all month!
Jess - 2004-01-12 00:37:24
Funny story. I was @ Kayrin's mindlessly watching MTV when I saw Frat Life come on. After rolling my eyes, I realized I KNEW THEM. I know Earl, Alex, and Adam from a conference back in 2000 that we all went to in D.C. for medicine. I freaked out, hooting and hollering. Then again, I never did watch it again, but I digress. *shrugs*
tomthedog - 2004-01-12 03:59:33
Simmons made a cameo on Arrested Development a few episodes back, helping Jeffrey Tambor sell the "Cornballer" in an informercial.
PuarKat - 2004-01-12 14:08:31
YAY! UB is back on TWOP!!!!! totally made my day!!
Lisa W. - 2004-01-12 15:31:45
Richard Simmons is selling dolls on HSN. The pretty, girly dolls. No joke.
hi - 2004-01-12 16:17:10
uhm i dunno but i thought i should just say this, erik estrada is scaring the fucking hell out of me. see in the bit were he's talking to the parrot he says "maricon" spanish for "fag" over and over again. i just thought you'd like to know what erik was trying to teach the parrot.

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