Jack - 2004-01-12 19:13:42
dear lord!
Ironbull - 2004-01-12 19:14:43
Jesus Christ!
fargahar - 2004-01-12 19:17:05
This also works for the elderly grandma that complains when you keep her locked in her bedroom...not that I have done that or anything...
pork tornado - 2004-01-12 19:20:16
My parents preferred the "beat him until noise stops coming out" method. But...whatever works, I guess.
Kelly in Huntsville - 2004-01-12 19:22:53
ROFL. Thanks for the advice, UB! :-)
Amy - 2004-01-12 19:25:49
My parents applied the same method as Dusty's. Which took a LONG LONG time since the beating would produce a lot of whining, crying and screaming (in that order.)
Trinity Sixty-Three - 2004-01-12 19:48:06
That's a very old but funny picture.
Jessie - 2004-01-12 20:17:47
You should see how the pilot handles his kid... On the nose of a 747...
Laurie - 2004-01-12 20:29:24
I can't wait for your write-up on Surreal Life. The main reason is that no one else I 'know' watches it. I just can't believe it, but I think Tammy Faye may be the only sane one. Did I see Eric adjusting his hair in a quick clip? OMG..does that mean he wears a toupee? Only you can answer this because I know you videotaped it.
ebony-eyes5 - 2004-01-12 20:58:38
Hmmm ... wonder if that would work on 20-year olds who are too big to spank? I'll let you know.
Shena - 2004-01-12 22:17:10
dude... that's awesome :)
April Ann - 2004-01-12 22:25:49
Ah, yes. The car ride. I find that there are creative new places in the house for 'Time Out' as well. Places that they won't try to get out of...
erin - 2004-01-12 22:41:47
Hilarious! Can't wait to read your write up of the Surreal Life. I was afraid that it wouldn't be as great this year, without the train wreck that is Corey Feldman, but there's hope. Though I have to admit that I thought Tammy Faye would be the neurotic Corey Feldman of this year, when she really seems "normal."
Lando - 2004-01-12 22:54:38
i about pissed myself laughing when vanilla ice started babbling about us being aliens.
Another Laurie - 2004-01-13 00:11:10
Dude, Erik Estrada is the only one I dig. How can I not? PONCH! SEALAB! Yay.
Pischina - 2004-01-13 00:25:47
I may have just found my cure for the Boy not doing his Language Arts homework. Thanks Uncle Bob.
her-story - 2004-01-13 16:24:25
lmao!!!! Bravo... I've often thought about that myself...

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