Argentum - 2004-02-25 01:59:17
Black Elvis f'n rules. Not as much as you do, but still, in his own Black Elvis way, he rules the night.
Humungus - 2004-02-25 02:02:37
Are you sure this is the type of business you really want to be (back) in?
Holley - 2004-02-25 08:48:15
Uncle Bob, should I be worried when I'm out in the club and lose my husband, 9 out of 10 times he is at the DJ booth??
laura - 2004-02-25 09:17:39
You make it sound magical...I feel I'm almost there with you. Tuesday karaoke - always know, Unca Bob, carry with you in your heart, that I am there in spirit, tearing up "Tainted Love."
alyssa - 2004-02-25 09:41:33
fresh out of poetry class (aka finding a bunch of deluded ideas that we would LIKE to think are in that 14-line stanza), i was wondering what kind of symbolism we could get out of white being the only color that is capitalized on your little menu for the background colors... hmm. lived in the south too long? i know i have.
Barry - 2004-02-25 09:50:33
I had always thought that karaoke systems were owned by frustrated singers who couldn't get enough slips in during the evening. This gig should be fodder for some great diary entries in the future. Good Luck,U.B!
awittykitty - 2004-02-25 09:53:58
amazingly, you share the same occupation as my brother. The one and only time I went to see him do karaoke, a fist fight broke out, and tables were being tossed and my brother was trying to protect his newly purchased equipment with his body, He didn't, however, defend my mom and I who were cowering nearby, trying to duck flying glasses of beer, so I guess we can see what was truly important. He just really wanted to be in "show business". Needless to say, we never went back to see him.
April Ann - 2004-02-25 10:50:33
Christ. You should see one of my favorite local restaurants. I made the mistake of being there on Karoke night at one time. Three white girls were on stage 'singing' (I use the term loosely) "Baby Got Back". I don't wanna know what compelled these three high school lesbians to humiliate themselves, but I'm sure they got the idea when they came off of the stage (after getting the words wrong and mumbling, even reading them off of a monitor), and everyone had their fingers in their ears, asking deafly to others if it was over yet. I feel for you, dude. You had to stay.
Amy - 2004-02-25 12:51:55
Hmmm...sounds like a great job UB...and great journal fodder for the next day. Are you liking it? Do you like the hours better than the usual 9-5? Good luck!
Nicole - 2004-02-25 12:56:03
Tips from a mom who has been there: Buy some pop rocks and let him put them on his tounge with the pill. The Croup is nasty. If his cough gets too harsh, run a really hot shower and let him play/nap on the floor of the bathroom. Breathing in the steam will make his cough lessen. PSA over
Pisser - 2004-02-27 11:19:46
Should you come to Los Angeles, you must see the Thai Elvis. (The food is good, too.)
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