April Ann - 2004-03-02 10:52:35
Geez. What would you have done if they asked of O.D.B. or Outkast? Poor soul.
Psycho Pstalker... - 2004-03-02 11:04:57
Aw man! I was almost 1st! Just so you know, I had to go to Montgomery last week. As I drove by your former place of employment I gave them the finger. Since I didn't know exactly which office it was, I held my finger up for the whole block. I'm not sure, but I may have offended a bunch of tourists walking to their bus. What the hell, U.B., it was all for you!
Jendra - 2004-03-02 11:30:15
Two quarters? Uncle Bob, you are so corny! Hahaha!
Kay R - 2004-03-02 11:42:52
Get Low has been out for at least 6 months LOL! I have a friend that when I say "new song" and it has been out 1 month and I just heard it she will quickly tell me I am behind with the times. It is a good song though, really.
kamikazesoul - 2004-03-02 12:29:21
You handed him two quarters, hahah. That's almost as good as when my mom was being gramatically correct and called him 50 cents.
rippinkitten - 2004-03-02 12:32:53
I love that "Get Low" song & has been out for almost a year.....
weasally - 2004-03-02 14:46:42
50 cent is pronounced Fiddycent, btw. And hey, play that Outkast song from the video where Andre 3000 plays every part it. I'm too old to know the name of the song, but I know that I like that whippersnapper.
Robert - 2004-03-02 14:55:10
Sagging testicles, and a Yugo dick? You poor boy ...
sarah - 2004-03-02 16:16:36
oh uncle bob, you make me laugh. i think i could marry you. except for that whole sagging balls thing.
jvd - 2004-03-02 16:39:12
and his wife.
stella - 2004-03-02 18:44:17
Around here, we refer to 50 Cent as Half-Dollar.
lynie - 2004-03-02 19:38:15
And here in Canada, 50 Cent is a full dollar! who'd a thunk it, eh?
jenn - 2004-06-21 16:37:35
this is an old entry and i doubt youre reading comments, but WHOA! I just read the lyrics for that song. L'il John makes me laugh.

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