Jeff M - 2004-04-05 10:06:00
I'll give ya ten bucks to breakdance during the hand jive.
April Ann - 2004-04-05 10:51:46
You could have said, "I have to get through by command of he who is I AM!" Yeah. It worked for one guy. Why not for you? Scare the Baptists. That's always the best part of my day.
sarah - 2004-04-05 10:52:22
corky. haha.
S - 2004-04-05 11:03:06
Just so you know...when you are in a play and need to look like you are talking but not to be heard, repeat "peas and carrots" over and over.
awittykitty - 2004-04-05 12:26:33
so if the book doesn't do well, there's always that long awaited career as Liza's backup dancer on Broadway. funny piece. Love the line about Corky.
Laura - 2004-04-05 14:58:04
Re: peas and carrots. I have heard of the same strategy involving "watermelon. watermelon. watermelon."
Ali - 2004-04-05 16:28:24
Add "cantaloupe" to that list and you've got stage chatter!!
Kissy - 2004-04-05 16:46:59
Orrrrrr, just continue doing what you were doing and amuse the front row...
cosmicrayola - 2004-04-05 17:36:33
I was reading and could imagine myself turning to the guy behind me and doing Pattycake, pattycake!
Jack - 2004-04-06 01:18:04
so. fucking. funny.

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