Hank - 2004-04-12 07:38:37
About pissing on the neighbors patio, I wouldn't worry about it. If they have kids, they went through embarassing moments just like that. What do you do at that point, IDK. But don't loose sleep over this. As for the egg hunt, if he had fun, don't worry about it. I can understand where you're comming from ('cause I'm the same way).
Kelly in HSV - 2004-04-12 08:02:04
Well, you've gotten thru the hard part where the potty training is concerned...which is getting them to realize that they have to go potty before it's too late and they go in their pants. Now, if he would just decide to come into your house to the toilet to go! When he's naked in the house, does he go into the bathroom and use the toilet or does he stop and pee wherever he is?
Erika - 2004-04-12 08:07:42
Larry mom finally resulted to giving Larry's brother a dollar every time he peed in the potty. Is there anything Andrew really likes that you can reward him with?
Squirrel - 2004-04-12 08:46:55
Isn't this the second time your mini one has peed on someone's porch ;)
warcrygirl - 2004-04-12 09:21:19
LOL Great story! My 2 1/2 year old is trying to potty train too, although Andrew is farther ahead of the game than he is. My kid likes to chew up candy and spit it out on my carpet. Or throw it around the room. I keep finding flattened jelly beans on my floor.
Jenn - 2004-04-12 09:41:16
can we see one of them there Lifesavers stuck on Andrew's face photos? I nearly pissed MYSELF when I read it :)
Brittney - 2004-04-12 09:42:51
Kids learn the whole potty thing whenever they want, i believe. In other words, it's different for every child... lets just hope he learns that biz before he heads off to college :)
Saladwhore - 2004-04-12 10:16:05
One summer my Mom babysat my two young cousins everyday while their parents worked. The youngest was 2 1/2 and kind of potty training but still at the stage of not really having a clue. He was at the neighbors on his Big Wheel when he had this huge blow out in his training pants. The neighbor came and rang the doorbell for my mom to come and get Mikey. There was smooshy poo all over him, head to toe, all over the Big Wheel and all over this neighbor lady's front porch. My Mom took one look and asked to use their hose which the neighbor woman already had out and ready to go. My Mom spent a half hour hosing down the porch, the Big Wheel and the kid.

That neighbor never talked to us again.
Morgan - 2004-04-12 10:52:29
Uncle Bob, don't worry about the age they get potty trained. I have a 3 year old cousin who's doing it with his 2 year old sister right now. They do it when they want to. Every once in a while, give him a treat for doing it though. It helps.
Melissa - 2004-04-12 11:01:25
OMG, you're living through what I did with my son (who's now 14). At a HUGE family gathering, I was chatting with friends, and next thing I know, my naked 3-year old son comes tearing down the yard...MOMMMMMMM....I went POTTY!!!!!! Oy. Talk about embarrassed! At least he went in the grass! Potty training is a BEAR!!! *LOL* He'll get the hang of it. Honest. As for the egg hunt, don't fret! As long as he had a great time, that's what matters!
Trinity Sixty-Three - 2004-04-12 12:31:23
So what your kid is naked, whooppee,and if pissing on the neighbors porch is the worst thing he does in your life, you are going to be one lucky dad. We are in the trenches of potty training as well.
Rita - 2004-04-12 13:31:44
Come on, cough it up. Let's see an Easter Sunday photo of that lad. You KNOW you have some. Sans lifesavers on the face, or with. Makes no difference to me.
nicki - 2004-04-12 14:49:13
my boyfriend and i decided to do a little clothes shopping at a local store on saturday. upon entering said store, the sales personnel informed us that they were having an 'easter egg hunt'. there were plastic eggs hidden around the store containing coupons for a percentage off of your purchase on that day. my boyfriend proceeds to 'hunt' for eggs, picking up every one he found and holding it up for all to see declaring 'i found ANOTHER one!'. he is 30 years old.
cosmicrayola - 2004-04-12 16:07:02
Could have been worse. He could have pooped during the Easter egg hunt, picked "that" up and yelled, "POOP!" showing everyone. See? Remember (for the next 15 years) "It could always be worse!" As far as potty training, there is no such thing. It's the parents that get trained, not the child.
epipie - 2004-04-12 18:02:51
Didn't you say that little Andrew goes to daycare? I've worked at a couple of daycare centers in the past 3 years, and they're all the same. The children are not allowed to graduate to the 3 year room until they're fully potty trained. It's odd that they haven't encouraged him at school. Usually they get some Froot Loops or a sticker for a successful sit on the potty. This encourages the others to "get on the ball." Those tykes are competitive for attention! Maybe you should have a talk with the daycare director. They're there to help.
Kay R - 2004-04-12 18:23:32
Here is my take on Andrew's pissing on the neighbors porch thing. He is marking his territory. You talk about how he likes to play over there so maybe he has "porch/yard envy" You could always see if the neighbor would trade houses so at least you wouldn't have to apologize 67 times. HEH. Makes for some funny reading though..well funny for us but not for you UB that has to live it. :(
Humungus - 2004-04-12 18:43:02
Ya know, when I think back, I think what helped me learn the whole potty-training thing was the positive reinforcement. Me mum would get all happy and hug me and congratulate me like I was something special when I did it right. She was very patient too, because I was a slow learner. It sure was nice not having the other fourth-graders beat me anymore up cuz I'd wet myself again too.
Patty - 2004-04-13 04:13:06
For epipie: I've taught preschool for many years and I've found they don't all have the "must be potty trained by age 3" rule. Plus I think potty training a child is sometimes tougher for parents. I've had kids in my room who did not have accidents at school, yet wouldn't even sit on the toilet for mom & dad at home. And Uncle Bob, I don't know what you said to Andrew after you got him home, but it's totally ok to tell him that his pee goes in the toilet and it's really yucky (or whatever word you use) to pee on someone's patio. Also, instead of asking him every five minutes if he has to go, just take him and sit him down on the toilet every 20 - 30 minutes. Eventually, you will get the timing right and he will actually go, and then you need to make a really huge ass deal about it. Clapping and jumping up and down works. Good luck! (Did I mention that girls are easier to potty train?)
curvature - 2004-04-13 14:10:45
i tried to let my 4yr old daughter do an easter egg hunt by herself. every time she found an egg, she felt it necessary to run over and show the egg to me before she picked up another one. she got three eggs total.
Marie - 2004-04-13 19:47:29
Is this the same porch he took a dump on??? man!

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