onewetleg - 2004-05-30 09:41:05
i usually come here and read all the comments every morning but there are no comments. man, ub, you must be losin it. good luck with the chicken
warcrygirl - 2004-05-30 12:04:22
A fellow people watcher! I like people watching but don't get to do it much anymore, especially in a bar setting. Getting to read your observations is almost like being there. Almost.
Brandi - 2004-05-30 12:10:07
Hey, I was an "arm-charm" for quite a few old geezers ... nothing wrong with a little symbiosis. ;-)
??------------ - 2004-05-30 17:03:36
dont u wish to have dose rubber girl's standing by u??hummm??;;
Kara - 2004-05-30 18:36:18
I went to High School with a girl who became a "trophy wife" for an ex Oakland Raider. Let's say his initials are F.B. She was the type who wasn't very bright, but she knew it.....and wisely decided to cultivate those "skills" she did posess. I always thought she was shamefully slutty and obvious, but I guess old men don't mind. I watched Biography the other night. It featured Hugh Hefner, and one of his old friends pointed out that all these women were only after him for his money. He replied that he didn't care why they were after him, just that they were! I guess that sums it up.
John-Boy - 2004-05-30 19:29:23
So, uh...UB. How was that chicken? I must know! I...MUST...KNOW!!!!
April Ann - 2004-05-30 20:38:32
Hell, if I was a rich old man, I'd marry me a pretty young dumb thing, too. You can get prenups these days, and look at what they get to bang every night! (Jesus christ, I'm starting to sound like my husband.)
anenigma - 2004-05-31 05:33:26
I checked in a couple yesterday, the guy was 30 years older than his wife, who treated him with utter contempt...until I asked for the credit card, she perked right up! "Honey!" Fun, fun, fun.
Laura - 2004-05-31 11:37:25
It would be sooooo great if you would start sharing your successful recipes with us. Uncle Bob's Palace of Eats. Citrus Chicken sounds nummy.
Nysha - 2004-05-31 12:56:53
My favorite cookbook is "Cooking with 4 Ingredients". But I have that "Easy Crock Pot Recipes" one, too. So, what do I do when I want to cook something? Go to, of course.
BlueIce - 2004-05-31 18:33:15
Injustices, I say! ;)
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