Laurie - 2004-07-05 08:23:53
I'm glad you didn't say that in the club (about the babies). That would have been dangerous for ya! I can't imagine how dorky they all looked when they made like sharks. Oh and I think my dad may be the reason for the no brawling thing. He actually knocked some bars down in India during WWII.
Cosmicrayola - 2004-07-05 08:28:42
One good thing about your job, guaranteed. You will never, ever be the most obnoxious, worst dressed or idiotic person in the room!
Gary - 2004-07-05 10:30:20
'Sweet Home Alabama' is popular here on a Saturday night too. Those damn rednecks get everywhere.
Jamie - 2004-07-05 13:16:41
I hate to break it to you, but you live in the states.... there will be rednecks everywhere. There is no escaping it. Why not move up here to Canada?
nancy - 2004-07-05 13:52:51
gee why dont you just tell the rednecks you dont have the song strokin?
Lori - 2004-07-05 22:38:05
HA!! I guessed both the songs right! If I never hear Sweet Home Alabama again in my lifetime, that would suit me just fine. I bartended for many years and every summer the nearby camp for alumni for a college that shall remain nameless this dimwits would come in and play that song over and over and over. ACK!!!
Lori - 2004-07-05 22:39:12
Sorry, it should have been these, not this! I must really be shook up!
Ceri - 2004-07-06 10:30:30
Jamie, as a fellow Canadian I feel you are doing UB a disservice by suggesting that there are no rednecks up here. Canada has just as many who are just as bad. Only difference? The accent.
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