disco - 2004-07-15 17:04:45
ubergrrl - 2004-07-15 17:15:08
Nice! I wish I would have had some of these suggestions yesterday... They would have been so handy at Suck-Con 2004. I'm already contemplating their future use, however.
warcrygirl - 2004-07-15 17:15:21
BWAHAHAHAHA! A little bored today, are we UB?
hotcarl - 2004-07-15 17:32:54
I tend to just stick with the old fashioned assholiness... When someone is discussing something deep and important I let my eyes wander around the room and focus on something odd out of the way. Then if they finish I say, "what sorry I got distracted by that flower pot," or if they continue to ramble I just punch them in the face.
nibbleofcorn - 2004-07-15 17:50:30
Thanks for the tips, Uncle Bob! I've been looking for ways to be a little more evil.
Cosmicrayola - 2004-07-15 17:54:24
YOu really do need a hobby.
word - 2004-07-15 19:05:20
what, "Drew" isn't hear to call this your "crie for hlep"?
s-chicka - 2004-07-16 02:00:18
something tells me you tend to go towards the "concealed weapon" route...
Kelli - 2004-07-16 08:41:51
Hey!! You know those "Life's Little Instruction Books?" Well, there's one called "Life's Little DEstruction Book", by Charles Sherwood Dane, published by Stonesong Press in 1992. Filled with similar suggestions like, "read other people's mail, pay tolls with $50 bills, pee in the pool", etc. I just KNOW you're NOT a plagarist. Are you?
Drew - 2004-07-16 08:42:35
Word: you don't no what you are talking about. First the term is "Crys for help" not "Crie" What a dumbtard. Did yuo ever even got to school?
Kelli - 2004-07-16 08:46:13
Actually, it's "cries". Damn, spellcheck is for shit, huh?
Jennifer - 2004-07-16 09:55:12
Oh wow. Just...Wow. That was truly inspiring. Especially the lemonade stand: "Who's an entrepreneur now, punk?!"
Jaded Max - 2004-07-16 11:25:49
when some one trys to tell you about a new band. . . constantly sniff them. . . its an easy way to make a perfectly normal conversation just that much more awkward. . .
Simply Jenn - 2004-07-16 11:36:17's spelled YOU dear, not yuo. this your lame attempt to make yourself into a badass? Try harder sweetie.
Drew - 2004-07-16 12:06:25
Surprised that know one picked up on the other typo. Usually folks around here are pretty critical.
Splinter - 2004-07-16 12:34:18
KNOW one? Yeah.. we're anal.
stella - 2004-07-16 13:23:58
Noah Webster (of Merriam Webster Dictionaries) is probably rolling in his grave. You kids are funny.
JuddHole - 2004-07-16 13:33:10
I full-on utilize most of those already and am overjoyed that you endorse them.
I'm all about the "bag-tag" too.
When talking to, or even walking by, a male co-worker, lean in close like you have a secret to tell them, then smack them in the balls with the back of your hand.
It's awesome.
I'll let you know how "boob-tag" goes, here in a minute.
Jamie - 2004-07-16 14:12:35
I've got to wonder if these came from your mind, Bob, or experience....? You forgot the song that never ends. That's possibly the most annoying thing on the planet.
Pisser - 2004-07-16 14:23:15
Brilliant, as usual. Are you also going to tell us how to *cook* asshole...?
tif - 2004-07-16 17:57:51
wow. i love making people feel uncomfortable. pork in the teeth it is.
Kelly - 2004-07-16 18:41:09
ROFL. This Drew thing just keeps getting better and better. Drew, if I ever somehow happen to come into your "office" with thoughts of suicide, just do me a favor and throw me over the balcony right away. Please don't expose me to further mental torture with your "educated" opinions and obvious knack for spelling. Judd...too funny. How did your boob-tag turn out?
ubergrrl - 2004-07-16 22:13:35
Judd, will you come over and try the boob-tag on me? Your coworkers told me that your technique needs perfecting.
sarah - 2004-07-17 17:15:46
haha those are great
jafer - 2004-07-18 00:28:42
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