Martin - 2004-09-29 08:18:49
Kids never play with the stuff you're most excited about. Eventually it becomes a great excuse for not buying them anything, with the side benefit that they go play at their friend's houses a lot and leave you alone.
Jane - 2004-09-29 08:24:13
Heh. Asshole.
Andy - 2004-09-29 09:07:27
Your dream is quite significant. Let me take a stab at it....

Your dream is a sub concious manifiestation of your own fear of sexual impotencity, and exhibits repressed anger towards your mother. It further suggest that you were not breast fed long enough as an infant, which probably surfaced as anal-rententive tendacies as a youth. You probably also masturbate too much. You honestly should speak with a proffesional about this.

Either that, or it means your gay.
Edweird - 2004-09-29 09:17:15
I told Bob BACK IN THE DAY that he was crazy to drive all that way to get that playhouse. told ya! :)
Kate - 2004-09-29 09:53:51
UB, That dream was so Pink Floyd's The Wall where the cartoon guy gets eaten up by the vagina flower. I was really stoned when I saw it 20 years ago so that's all I can remember. Try not to shave your eyebrows.
saidnot - 2004-09-29 10:07:45
Read 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman.
Saidnot - 2004-09-29 10:08:46
BTW: Bob, I'll loan you my copy if you don't want to have to buy one.
Kelly - 2004-09-29 10:38:12
That dream means you need to stop eating pizza right before you go to bed.
KJ - 2004-09-29 10:40:30
experiences like yours with your kid's toys/life/possible gay-ness is why I never forget to take my birth control pills. Thank God for supressed ovulation. I'll stick to living vicariously or however the fuck you spell it.
Big Sig Freud - 2004-09-29 10:50:31
A lasso is much the same as a whip. The dream is about being pussy-whipped. You Wuss.
deepblue3 - 2004-09-29 11:04:46
Your frustrated with feelings of rejection from Susie. The hairy woman in your dream represents your desire for a woman to want you - - and even though a woman might want you, there will be something wrong with her that turns you off. So the frustration manifests into the seductive woman lasso'ing Susie with her vagina. And so the thing you desire becomes one entity... Susie - the seductress - sans a hairy back. But, yeah, a pussy-lasso is pretty freaking scary.
rickscafe - 2004-09-29 12:14:28
I have dreams like that all the time. What's your point?
lorrie - 2004-09-29 12:47:07
50 cents. That is the cost of the latest toy that the girls are obsessed with, yes, thaz right, I said 50 fucking cents, it's a little telescopey thing.
Jo - 2004-09-29 14:44:47
Wow - I have NO IDEA what that dream means, but it's messed up. And it does too sound as scary when you write about it.
Johnnie Walker - 2004-09-30 00:06:52
Perhaps you are wanting to engage in something that looks good, but is repulsive upon closer inspection.
Squeakster - 2004-10-01 02:44:23
This might sound old fashioned but I believe certain foods, when eaten before sleeping, cause wild dreams. Bananas or pork do it for me everytime. I shudder to think what would happen if I ate both before crashing out. Then again, maybe they just trigger flashbacks. There's nothing Freudian here.
Werea - 2005-09-17 04:14:53
Thank you very much!
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