HRT - 2004-10-01 09:20:30
At least you got to go home early, and didn't have to listen to that racket all night.
chunk - 2004-10-01 09:28:02
I am not fat...I'm just festively plump As for your lack of badacious boobies/gash attachments. You could click on "Tools" then "Message Rules" then "Mail" then check that you haven't checked the box that deletes all attachments/sends all your kiddie porn straigt to the FBI
Teralyne - 2004-10-01 09:47:04
I sent you an email on how to fix your problem as long as hotmail will get it to you. I hate hotmail but still use it sometimes. Disco the kid sent me an invite to gmail and I love it. Anyway I sent step by step inscrutions so you will be fine it is just one check mark you have to remove.
Squeakster - 2004-10-01 09:50:35
I think your jammin' DJ set was suicide bombed. Maybe your nighmare the other night with the lasso was a premonition. Susie was a metaphor for things you love, your music and pleasing the dancing crowd. Just turn the mic volume down way low and act as if it is a malfunction next time.
warcrygirl - 2004-10-01 10:15:31
I'd make them use the broken mic and if they bitch make them donate to the purchase of a new one. If they don't like it, fuck 'em.
Kari - 2004-10-01 10:42:16
Perhaps the asshat that broke your mic is banned from singing some Karaoke until he pays up for the replacement. And also save your ears for a while.
Craig - 2004-10-01 10:47:38
I watched Super-Size me last night and I don't think I'll touch Mc Donalds for a long time, especially after the guy threw up from a double quarter ponder and fries. ugh.
Moi - 2004-10-01 10:47:43
Yo! UB, step away from outlook. Get yourself Thunderbird. It's SAFE, free and freakin awesome. While you're at it, get Firefox for your browsing needs. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING beats 'em. If you don't believe me, go ask the Stupid Evil Bastard If you don't already read him, you should. He's right up yer alley.
Squeakster - 2004-10-01 10:57:28
You'll get sick (and fat) eating Lean Cuisine or anything else if you are a pig and eat enough of them in a single sitting.
andy - 2004-10-01 11:00:05
There's gotta be some trick/method to so that one dink doesn't ruin the whole night by singing his songs. Maybe you need a partner in the crowd that you could signal and would come up and do a decent redition of an apporpriate song to keep folks there? Then when the dink comes up you can say "Sure you can sing that song, but I got several other people who are waiting" Either that, tell the guy you New York State of Mind Karoke CD is broke.
BigpimpinMBA - 2004-10-01 11:08:51
I KNOW that you had some John Denver in there when everyone was bustin' a move to the NIN/ Clash/ Nirvana mix.
saamba - 2004-10-01 11:16:37
I can vouch for Moi's suggestion on using FireFox for the browser - I switched over to it about a month ago and I really love it. Tabbed browsing kicks ass. I have no idea how well it works through Windows though. And I ditched Outlook Express too.

UB - I know you always want to please the customer, but maybe you should take a "collateral damage" approach to kareoke night - You have to sacrifice a few people to save the rest of the room.
Simon - 2004-10-01 11:19:55
The moron who invented karaoke should be horsewhipped and doused with rubbing alcohol on an hourly basis. I can't stand to listen to a goodly number of the professional singers in this world -- why would I want to listen to drunken amatuers? And that goes double for "American Idol." Next time point to the biggest, meanest looking guy in the room and tell 'em "That guy almost killed the last karaoke singer. Beat him to a pulp right here on the dance floor. He's in the Mafia and packing heat. You'd better forget about it for tonight."
gryphon99 - 2004-10-01 11:34:31
Well, if they're going to kill your crowd with their godawful wailing, the least you can do is entertain yourself. Why not make it DJ's choice kareoke? You can feel free to come up and make an ass of yourself, but the DJ gets to choose the song.
Lando - 2004-10-01 11:37:00
you hurt my feelings uncle bob.
Dawn (webmiztris) - 2004-10-01 13:35:32
After I sing, like, two Karoake songs, I stop for the night because I don't want people to start slitting their throats. Too bad everyone's not so considerate!!
HRT - 2004-10-01 15:00:15
Seeing as McD's makes up a sizeable 27% of my annual caloric intake, I think I'll stay away from the supersized movie thankyouverymuch.

But for the record, if you eat the premium salads, skip the bread, fries and sugar sodas. Fast food can be nearly as nutricious as anything else. You still might want to exercise a bit and take a multi-vitamin. I'm just sayin.
stella - 2004-10-01 16:00:10
Well, if you eat the salad, skip the dressing. The calories in one pack are more than the calories in a hamburger. If you do want dressing, get the vinaigrette.
Squeakster - 2004-10-01 17:22:25
I didn't want to admit it but now that other Mac Fans have come out of the closet... I eat McDonald's Big Breakfast Deluxe about 3 times a week. I don't use any of the condiments and I split them into two meals on the days I eat them. The English muffin, eggs and sausage patty along with the decaf coffee become breakfast, while the hotcakes and bacon leftovers with a glass of water morph into lunch.
Rachael - 2004-10-01 18:00:01
McDs is one of my great guilty pleasures. But after that movie came out, everyone who told me to go see it worked for McDonald's which I thought was odd. They weren't the happiest of employees though.
Jeremy - 2004-10-01 19:38:17
Just a thought about your karaoke problem. Can you leave the good music playing in half of the club & turn down the singer's volume so he/she/it can only be heard a few feet away from the stage (point a speaker directly at the singer though so h/s/i thinks that it's blaring over the whole club)
Amnesia - 2004-10-01 21:24:18
So - you are saying you love the ole' kareoke right? yeah....
Jenna - 2004-10-02 10:42:54
My boyfriend & I watched "Super Size Me" last night & it made mt feel bad about eating! I will never ever eat fast food again!!
carol - 2004-10-02 13:41:52
I am 25 minutes into Super Size Me and I think everyone in the U.S. needs to see this movie and make their kids watch too! Dude just puked his supersized meal and I'm thinking that sausage biscuit and hash brown I have once or twice a week are now history.
HRT - 2004-10-02 17:45:27
Ok, I haven't seen the movie, but my question is this. If someone ate 14,000 pounds of salad would you swear off of salad? What about ice cream? If you watched someone eat 45 pounds of ice cream would you swear off of that too? Candy? Cake? Anything can be disgusting when taken to extreme limits. If you had to watch someone smoke 27,000 cigarettes in a single sitting even the most hearty smokers might have a bit of a change of heart. (no pun intended)

In my world, I think everything should be taken in moderation. My understanding about supersize me is that this dude ate that crap 3 times a day everyday for 30 days. What you don't realize is that the body is amazingly resilient, and you can eat the worst things imaginable, every once in awhile. But if you do anything continuously it's gonna have serious reprocussions. I want to, and try to eat healthy when I can, but to just write off an entire type/style of food just because some jack-ass wanted to prove a point is ludacris.

My fear is this, today its ban McDonalds tomorrow its ban everything less healthy than free range ungenetically conditioned tree bark.
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