iwillsurvive - 2004-10-14 06:24:53
Wow, U.B. . . . why didn't I think of that? ;) And why are we both up so early in the morning?
ibeejd - 2004-10-14 08:01:26
Gene hackman has been MIA latley....hmmm......purchasing kryptonite from Bin Laden maybe??
warcrygirl - 2004-10-14 08:23:11
Shit UB, at least give them a B shot or some Vitamin C or something. Make it good for them. Or use bottled water, but get the generic store brand shit. Gotta keep costs low ya know.

Sounds like the scam I was running at age 9, I was selling nickels for a dime. I was doing gangbuster business until the whiney cry baby fuck who lived next door told his mommy and she busted me. Bitch. Lucky her I'm not Italian...
Barb - 2004-10-14 10:08:40
Hi Uncle Bob. My great business coup was when I sold a cardbboard box on ebay. No lie. It went for $11 and change. Am I good or what?
Kay - 2004-10-14 11:33:30
Around here, the old in the nursing home get their shots for free. Yeah, you heard it here first. Damn Medicare! Don't wanta get wrapped up in that red tape!
Amnesia - 2004-10-14 13:42:37
Sick, sick, sick. I'm proud of you and want to be just like you when I grow up.
Tenshi - 2004-10-15 00:14:29
Uh, Uncle Bob? ...just thought I'd be the nice little samaritan and mention that if you inject people with water... Their blood cells WILL explode and die, causing them either some nasty pain or because they're old, a nasty death. That's why they don't give you a water drip at the hospital. They give you saline solution. It's not just water. Well, that, and they don't want to have to deal with a lawsuit for malpractice.
Kelly - 2004-10-17 12:08:47
Tenshi, I came here to say just that, LOL. Sorry UB, your low overhead just went through the sunroof! Oh wait, UB, if you mix 9mg of salt with 1000mg of water, you will get a normal saline solution (.9%). Then you won't kill any old folks. Just make sure you boil the water first.
sue - 2005-12-27 14:45:18
40 yr old daughter has fallen for bf's remark that his track marks are from injecting water. He goes to AA or NA and is homeless (except for all the women who keep him in thongs and jewelry). The guy lives quite well, really. No house payments, no rent, lots of girlfriends, free food and everyone calls him "so sweet and handsome."

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